A Speech on What Makes Your Life Meaningful?

Hello and good morning to everyone. Today we will discuss about a meaningful life.

For various types of people there are various types of things that make their lives meaningful. For some person it might be some kind of passion or hobby, while for others it can be a precious relationship or living without any fear. I personally have a few different things that make my life meaningful.

One thing that makes my life meaningful is having a clear and distinct goal for the future. Someday I would like to have a high paying job, and more enough money to support myself and my loving family. Though, I know that in order to reach this goal I need to work very hard. This makes me feel as if the hard work I put into my work won’t go to waste and one day I will be able to accomplish my goal.

Other things that make my life meaningful are the little; simple things and happy memories that make me smile every day. Lastly, one of the other things that make my life meaningful is my special relationship with God. 

So friends, there are some ways through which you can make your life meaningful. Such as,

1. Try to follow your aspiring desires. Aspirations are what you are able to give others. You can be always happy and satisfied if you can contribute something, thus making your life meaningful.

2. Try to be passionate. Whenever you do something about which you have passion, it gives meaning to your life. Sometimes it can be seem to be very difficult to balance work, relationships, and passion in the same time. But remember that a life without having passion about something can feel hollow, unworthy and meaningless.

3. Live by following your code of ethics. Every person needs personal morals or an ethical code to live a meaningful life. An ethical code is a series or group of values that you firmly believe and try to follow, even if the results can turn out to be painful for you.

4. Try to be compassionate. Compassion comes when we don’t make ourselves the center of our concern, and try to feel the suffering of others. If we focus on us only and also only on our thoughts – our life will definitely feel meaningless and empty. Compassion is a process of looking beyond our own selfish needs, and give proper effort to feel the needs of others.

5. Ready to serve for a greater cause. A great way to give a good meaning to your life is to do work to help others. By doing this you will really feel satisfied.

6. You need to strive for a better future. Struggling for a better future can take many forms, but it always helps in the process of the development as a human being. If you continuously strive for a better future, you will dedicate yourself to learning. Learning new skills will actually make us more effective and productive in the world, thus making our life meaningful in a special way.

Thank you.

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