A Speech on “Should It Be Mandatory for All Schools to Have a Canteen?”

Good (—) to one and all. Aren’t some of your best memories from the small talks and laughter you have had in the canteens of your school with your friends? Haven’t you made lots of new friends from the canteen? I am here to address whether it should be mandatory for all schools to have a canteen. According to me, and most certainly almost all of you, school canteens are undoubtedly the best places in a school. It is the place where students gather, have food, and enjoy the most. It provides the students with a place to meet up with their friends and do stuff that cannot be done in a classroom environment. 

Apart from the fun part of it, canteens also provide students with the necessary food and nutrients. As we all may have experienced, we become more hungry when our brain works for long hours. It is an absolute necessity that we nourish ourselves with food and drinks regularly so as not to tire ourselves out. Also, most parents are working people and may not have enough time to cook for their children before they go to school. Having canteens at schools is also a lifesaver for such people. 

Canteens must provide healthy and nutritious food. They should be neat and clean. Though there may be more demand for junk foods, it should be sold in fewer quantities only. Canteens should not take advantage of the students and should not charge exorbitant rates. They are students and so should be charged equal or preferably less than outside rates.

The canteen owners should know what all are necessary for the students considering the amount of time they spend on learning and doing other activities. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and food rich with essential nutrients should be on the menu. Soft drinks should be limited. The canteens should be closely monitored by the school authorities. They should check the premises for malpractices or trouble and should also monitor the kitchen for cleanliness and food quality. 

Especially if the school is in a remote area where there aren’t any shops nearby, the canteen is of utmost necessity. If a student faints or doesn’t feel quite well or gets dehydrated quickly, they will need food urgently. In such cases, having canteens will be very helpful. Canteens should also be prepared to face such situations. Even children who do not eat much food at home will eat from canteens when they are with friends. This is a widely seen practice among teenagers and children. 

Under certain restrictions and monitoring, it is mandatory that all schools must have a canteen. As students will be spending the majority of their day in schools, they should be provided with a good canteen. This will be helpful for students, parents, and teachers alike. I hope I have made my point clear to you all. Do put this into practice. Thank you all and have a good day.

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