191+ Mowgli Quotes: What the Jungle Taught Him! (Images)

Mowgli is the central and most important character of The Jungle Book, who is also known as the Man-Cub.

In the jungle, he was embraced by his wolf parents and wolf pack. He had two important friends who guided him throughout his journey in the jungle, and they were the Baloo bear and Bagheera panther.

The boy had no idea that he was also a human like the others. Mowgli is one loved and amazing character whose quotes and sayings are famous.

Mowgli Quotes

-Bagheera, some of the members in our pack still don’t believe me, and they think that I am not fit for living in a wolf pack and can’t hunt… what should I do, Bagheera?

-Mother, why do you love me sooo much?

-Ohh! I love you all…without you, I would not live.

-Bagheera, you need to know that I just absolutely love you!

-Bagheera, tell me some more about my father. Was he really the bravest wolf in the jungle?

Mowgli Quotes

-I know Shere Khan once killed my father and mother…but one day will come when I will hunt him down.

-Bagheera, would you teach me to hunt?

-See, Mother, I‘m grown up… I can really fight Shere Khan.

-I will not spare Shere, khan… I will confront him one day.

-Baloo! What are you doing? Why do you keep eating all day long?

-Baloo, can you teach me how to collect honey?

-Baloo is just so lazy. Can anyone believe this? I believe he has an ambition that he will collect all the honey in the jungle and will relax for the whole day.

-Oh no! This part of the jungle is really unknown to me… I think I’m in trouble again.

-Akeela… take me… maybe I can help you in some way.

-The day will come, Akeela; I will be the bravest like my father.

-Maybe I’m a man–cub, but you all are my family.

-I have always thought that I’m a wolf.

-Shere Khan can’t do any harm to me.

-Now the time has come, Shere Khan. You will know who I am.

-Nooo! This can’t happen… Shere Khan can’t kill Akeela.

-Maybe I have not seen my father, but I got you, Bagheera… you are my guide and friend.

– Mother, one day, I will make you proud.

-Akeela, can Shere Khan attack us on the way?

-Shere Khan always hunts the weeks… Shame on him.

-What can I do for you, Baloo… I’d love to do something for you.

-Bagheera… see, I can run faster than you now.

Mowgli Quotes

-You know Bagheera… yesterday when I was wandering in the jungle, I lost my way. I visited many new and strange places, and I was really worried about you all and thought I could not see you again.

-I know Bagheera many are there in our pack whom Shere Khan has told that a man-cub is not allowed in a pack of wolves, but I still love them.

-Mother, is it true that Shere Khan murdered my parents?

-I will take revenge for everything one day. Everything that Shere Khan has done to us will get paid off.

-I’m a man–cub I know, but I really love this Jungle.

-There is a human village at the end of this Jungle Bagheera. 

-I always watch, and I’m surprised to see the caves of humans that they made to live.

-What is this strange thing? Is it fire? It’s so horrible.

-Bagheera, why do some of our pack always hate me too much?

-Mother! How can I prove myself to be worthy of living in this jungle?

-I see this is a strange sign… maybe Shere khan is coming.

-I’m no more afraid of Shere Khan…I can face him now.

–Bagheera, how big is this jungle?

Mowgli Quotes

-mother, how was I in my childhood?

-Bagheera, why did they name me Mowgli?

-Sometimes I feel very lonely…at those times I go to the river and sit…It seems that the whole jungle can talk with me.

-Mother, where are my parents now?

-Baloo, have you ever fought with Shere Khan?

-No Bagheera, I would not go to the village, The forest, the pack is my family ever, I can’t live without you.

-Bagheera, would you teach me the way to fight Shere Khan? I’m eager to fight with him…and I know I will teach him a lesson in the fight.

-What is a forest fire?

-Elephants are so big, I used to fear them at first…but now I think they are very much gentle…I want to make friends with them.

-Bagheera, why is there a human building at the end of this jungle…it seems like it is dilapidated…Mother once told me that a building is called a temple by humans.

-Mother, are humans bad, really?

-I know, sometimes I don’t obey the jungle laws

-I am interested in humans.

-Bagheera, promise me…you won’t leave my side ever.

-I will save everybody from the hands of Shere Khan oneday.

-Shere Khan is such a rogue. Why does he always disobey the jungle laws?

-Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m a human but in this jungle, I am an ordinary wolf like my brother and sisters.

-Akeela, would you teach me the rules of the jungle?

-Akeela, has Shere Khan ever attacked the pack?

-I wonder why Shere Khan is a little lame? That makes him ugly.

-Why are the birds chirping wildly? Is it Shere khan coming?

Mowgli Quotes

-Hey all, let’s go for a hunt…this will be fun!

-I really don’t like to eat fruits…those are for deer.

-One day will come when everybody will respect me and will say I’m the best hunter in the world.

-I just can’t think that one day I have to live without my mother.

-Bagheera, will one day come when I have to leave this Jungle?

-I find my peace here in this jungle…I don’t want to leave this place ever.

-Was my father very strong? Had he ever fought with Shere khan?

-Bagheera, today I don’t want to play…would you tell some stories of the father?

“I am Mowgli of the Seeonee pack. With the knife, with the knife!”

“Now, these are the Laws of the Jungle, and many and mighty are they.”

“Man is forbidden!”

“The jungle is shut to me, and I must forget your talk and your companionship.”

“We be of one blood, ye and I.”

“Thou hast been with the Monkey People—the gray apes—the people without a law—the eaters of everything.”

“I will have no man with me!”

“I will go as I came.”

“Strike first and then give tongue.”

“When Baloo hurt me, it was nothing. But now I go far and far into the lair of the Man-Pack.”

“Bagheera, art thou sleeping? Wake up! Oh, wake, or we die.”

“By the Broken Lock that freed me, I am sure of it.”

“What is Bagheera doing?”

“What was it, O Wise, Strong, and Most Beautiful? We are not of the same breed, and we must not fight. I was only a little cub.”

“Shall I strip thee of thy skin for coat, Jungle-Born?”

“I wish I could have bitten his head off in the council chamber.”

“I was a wolf. I am a wolf. I will be a wolf.”

“I will not be turned back from the wall. Come, Shere Khan, and let us settle this matter between us.”

“He has gone. He has taken him with him. He will surely kill him in the end.”

“That I should live to be called a man’s cub, in my own jungle by my own pack!”

Mowgli Quotes By Rudyard Kipling

Mowgli Quotes

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

“I am Mowgli of the Seonee Wolf-Pack. With the help of these, I speak for myself.”

“Man goes to bed at night and leaves the jungle to the wild things.”

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

“We be of one blood, ye and I.”

“The jungle is large, and the Law is strong.”

“Now that I have no people, I can make up a song about anything that comes in my head.”

“What is the Law of the Jungle? Strike first and then give tongue.”

“The Jungle is full of tricks, but the greatest trick is to love your life.”

“I wish I had fur instead of skin.”

“I am two Mowglis, but they are so strong that I cannot speak for myself.”

“Many are the ways of the jungle, but few are the friends.”

“Now, these are the Laws of the Jungle, and many and mighty are they.”

“Man’s child is mine in my belly from now on.”

“I will not go to their village.”

“When you were very little, Baloo told me that your hide would make you trouble.”

“The only people who can be trusted are the wolves.”

Mowgli Quotes

“All the jungle is thine.”

“When I am very strong, perhaps I will ask thee to let Mowgli go.”

“When you are grown up, I will come back.”

“There is no word to thank you for my life.”

“Where are my friends, Baloo and Bagheera, and the little thief, my brother?”

“All the jungle looks after its own.”

“Let us all be clever together.”

“I will do no harm to the man-cub.”

“I have learned from them how to dance.”

“I have been small, and I have been big, and the biggest thing about me has always been my head.”

“I am no wolf.”

“I will remember, Master of the Jungle.”

“I wish I were the dead fish down there.”

“The jungle is always dark, even in the daylight.”

“When you are a man, remember to always be just.”

“I am not afraid of any jackal.”

“We must not let him grow lazy in the village.”

“There is no greater honor than to die for a friend.”

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Mowgli Quotes

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