100+ New Beginnings Quotes to Embrace Change in Life

At every footstep in life, we mark a new beginning that brings a change with itself. These changes are a gift of time, capable of twisting around the present situation exquisitely.

Quotes about New Beginnings and Change are like a swift motivation to help you accept these new beginnings and changes in your career and other spheres of life. 

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Quotes About New Beginnings and Changes

Allow yourself to unfold the beauty of a new beginning every day. – Joel Osteen

A new beginning is a cycle of re-inventions. It leads you to adventure and new creations. – Shellen Lubin

Change is knocking on the door, gathering courage, and welcoming new beginnings like never before. – Ginny Toole

Change is a boon of time, a necessity you can never deny. – Anonymous 

Nature is a great reminder of new beginnings and change. – Matshona Dhliwayo

Thoughts are the predominant initiators of evolving changes. – Albert Einstein 

Something ends, and something begins, while change is the ultimate occurrence. – Anonymous

It is you who decides upon the gear of your life. Be the beginning and be the change! – Anonymous 

Sunsets full of sadness will soon cease to exist. The dawn of a new day will mark new beginnings. – Michael Bassey Johnson

When the sea hits the shore, we see a connection between a beginning and an end. – Jacqueline Winspear

In the trade of love, there is always room for new exchanges of affection. – Mae West

Falling back to start anew is accepting pain and power simultaneously. – Carrie Underwood

Does the New Year celebration mark a new beginning or follow the numbers? – Anonymous

The past year is known, but it should be discarded. The new year is mysterious and yet to be stored. – T.S Eliot

New beginnings initiate the new becoming. It makes us the dictator of our change. – Anonymous

Another fall passed by, and another new beginning grew old and rusted.-  Wallace Stegner

Seasons showcase the bitter truth of change and time. – Anonymous

Allotting room for newness is not backstabbing oldness. – Anonymous

Friends may abandon, the family may depart, and love can cheat, but you must stand steady with the change. – Stephen Chbosky

Bring a change within yourself before you think of changing the artificial world. – Leo Tolstoy

Never undermine the capabilities of a minority group to lead a change. – Margaret Mead 

New Beginning Quotes About Change in Life

Life lives in the cage of time, the godmother of steady or sudden change. Change in life is necessary to create a flow of the tide. 

The change will prevent you from monotony, and life will be like a rainbow in the sky. New Beginning Quotes About Change in Life will give you a deeper look into the spectrum of life. 

Right at the end of this mournful path, a new beginning is waiting to be revealed. – Anonymous

Today may not welcome a new beginning. But tomorrow will come when life will take a new turn. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

New beginnings are like a blank wall waiting to be colored. – Anonymous 

Resisting the natural flow of change will result in your defeat and obstruction. – Lao Tzu 

Every lost element in life is soon replaced by a new and different structure. – Shunya 

One must never undermine their will and power to direct the change in their life. – Germany Kent 

Every day the sun rises and sets and nature itself shows a loop of beginnings and ends. – Anonymous 

The previous chapters are forgotten with time as the new ones change the course of time. – C. JoyBell C 

There is no pain as hurtful as a sudden change in the surroundings that the human brain suffers. – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 

Saying goodbyes is leaving behind a part of yourself. – Raymond Chandler 

Escaping new beginnings in life is choosing to remain ordinary. – Anonymous 

Closed doors are the initiators of change and new beginnings. – Mandy Hale 

Forget the nightmare and welcome a new dream to be lived and not to survive. – Anonymous 

Old marks are often removed to make space for the new ones on the upcoming road. – Justina Chen Headley 

A brutal end can be a fresh beginning on the other side of a coin. – Alexander Bracken 

Is it easier to turn through the pages or to keep the book stacked on the bookshelf for days? – Anthony Liccione 

Some new beginnings can also be born in darkness. – Shannon L. Alder 

Your life will always be under your control and command. Hold it tightly and rife the change. – Germany Kent 

Breakdowns will not change you, however, will bring you closer to your true nature.- John Green 

Dreams are cultivated, new beginnings are pushed, actions are acted, and a change is carried out. – Anonymous 

Some changes can bring about a magnificent evolution and create a world like never before. – Anonymous

New Beginning Career Change Quotes 

In one’s career, a plethora of new beginnings and so are the farewells. A child goes to kindergarten, school and college, and the working sector. 

New beginnings always await us at every changing path in our career. New Beginning Career Change Quotes are meant to motivate you at every changing gear your career takes.

Facing your fears can help to mold more strongly. – Shannon L. Alder 

The right decision in your career will guide you to a thriving and comfortable spot. – Whitney Johnson 

Put the rule book in the dumpster and write one that leads you to better beginnings and change. – Sandra Bellamy 

Bidding goodbye to schooldays is the new beginning of adventurous youth. – Anonymous 

During your youth, you can accelerate your new career and push your limits further. – Lukasz Laniecki 

Hitting rock bottom in your career can be the best opportunity to start fresh in the best way. – Justin Kanayurak 

Being scared of change, you will remain stuck in the same cubicle for your entire life. – Evan Thomson 

New beginnings in your career can be cruel, but they will become the core of your growth. – Anonymous 

Rather than waiting for the change to arrive, push the button and be the change. – Evan Thomson 

Choose a career where every day is a new beginning filled with surprising challenges. – Anonymous 

Past failures don’t define your preset graph of growth. – Anonymous 

Stepping into college can be extremely scary and exceptionally wonderful at the same time. – Basimah Rasha 

Abandon the ridiculous longing for a change in your career, and take yourself ahead. – Evan Thomson 

Be the torchbearer of change not only for yourself but also for others. – Anonymous

Earning stagnantly is not smartness but rather a choice to limit change. – Anonymous 

Playing out of your comfort blanket will allow you to change for your best. – Roy T. Bennett 

Until yesterday, I desired to change this working world, but today I want to act better by changing myself. – Rumi 

Reluctance to reject the change can accelerate great downfall in your career. – Anonymous

New Beginning Positive Quotes 

New beginnings can be harsh, but we need to see the goodness that comes with it. There lies a positive change in new beginnings. 

New Beginning Positive Quotes are a push of positivity to uproar new beginnings in life. It will help you look through the scary drapes of change and welcome the beginnings with open arms. 

I am enough to open the gateways of new beginnings in my life. – Charlotte Eriksson 

Even on bad days, there resides a chance for new beginnings and positivity. – Theodore J. Nottingham 

You can bring the change by being a new beginning yourself. – Anonymous 

As long as my mind is sane and my body in motion, I will create my beginnings every day. – Criss Jami 

It is never too late to get a tight grip on time and initiate your true new beginning. – Charmaine J. Forde 

Endings are not just farewells to old mates but a way to a more exciting journey and fate. – Charlotte Eriksson 

Beginnings can be scary, but there is more thrill in unawareness. – Anonymous 

Spring and summer together will open the freezy windows and usher the smooth wind within. – Alix E. Harrow 

Welcoming new beginnings with open arms is an act of true valor. – Ransom Riggs 

Falling apart is the first seed of new beginnings. – Anonymous 

However far you may have journeyed, there is always a possibility to mark a new beginning. – Hayley Williams 

Broken pieces from the past will only lead to your downfall. Take a step into the future and rise. – Lauren DeStefano 

Unwrap the change and take a warm fresh sip of a new beginning. – Anonymous 

Setting the sun is a hidden chance to reinvent and recollect. – Richie Norton 

Idealizing the past and fearing the present can hamper your new growth. – Anonymous 

Letting go of the past and accepting new beginnings and change is an act of bravery. – Joseph Campbell 

Life will be too dull without the spice of new beginnings and changes. – Anonymous 

However drastic a change may be, it is a gift full of mystery and newness. – Anonymous 

You can stay connected to your roots and take in the change. – Anonymous

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