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The National Orange Chicken Day is celebrated every year on July 15th. On this day, the people of North America celebrate the delicious Chinese meal that people enjoy all over the world. Orange chicken is a very popular dish in the Chinese restaurants of North America. 

Orange Chicken Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes


-Never tried Orange Chicken? Don’t worry, this National Orange Chicken Day, try out this dish from the best Chinese restaurant in America.

-The person who introduced Orange chicken to the United States deserves some applaud. It’s one of the best dishes available—happy National Orange Chicken Day to everyone.

-Many Chinese restaurants offer discounts on Orange chicken, as it is 15th July today, National Orange Chicken Day. 

-If you never had Orange chicken before, you are seriously missing out on a great dish. On the occasion of National Orange Chicken Day, you should try this delicious dish.

-Orange chicken is straightforward to cook. It is made with boneless chicken, cut into small pieces, and then fried until it becomes golden—happy Orange Chicken Day to all.

-Eating orange chicken is a dream for most Americans. It is very delicious—happy Orange Chicken Day, everyone.

– If you want to have some orange chicken, find the nearest Chinese restaurant, and order an orange chicken plate—happy Orange Chicken Day to all the Americans.

-If someone has never tried this dish, then July 15th is the perfect day to try it out.

-The best way to enjoy Orange chicken is to get a big bowl of rice to go with it. Indulge yourself in this beautiful dish—happy Orange Chicken Day to everyone.


-Let’s go to the Chinese restaurant and have some orange chicken. I have heard that it is very delicious. 

-You should try the orange chicken. It’s one of the best Chinese dishes available in the United States.

-If you ever visit North America, don’t forget to try some of this world’s fantastic chicken in authentic Chinese restaurants.

-The recipe for orange chicken is very similar to that of crisp fried chicken. It is a ubiquitous dish in the United States.

-My sister is cooking some orange chicken today, so I have to go home early. I hope we can go out next time.

-After we fry the chicken, we pour some sweet and sticky orange sauce on the chicken, which makes it delicious. If you didn’t know, there are many different flavors of the spice.

-There is no correct type of chicken to use while cooking orange chicken. If you want, you can use skinless chicken thighs as well.

-Today is the best day to try out some orange chicken. Let’s plan a nighout and we’ll cook some to celebrate this day.

-If you want to celebrate Orange Chicken Day, you should head out and find an excellent Chinese restaurant and order a big orange chicken plate.

-If you want to cook orange chicken on your own, then ask about the recipe from a Chinese person who has made it before. They know the real secret of making it delicious.


“I did not become a vegetarian for my health, I did it for the health of the chickens.”
― Isaac Bashevis Singer

“And believe me, a good piece of chicken can make anybody believe in the existence of God.”
― Sherman Alexie

“I love eating chicken with my bare hands. It makes me want to snarl at people, even more than usual.”
― Jeri Smith-Ready

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