221+ Passion Status Reignite Your Inner Fire

Passion is the calling of the inner self, and every alive human being has something or the other as their passion.

However, not all follow their passion, and some stay deviated due to the rat race of life! Here are some of the amazing WhatsApp statuses on Passion for you- 

Motivation WhatsApp status on Passion

  • To put it in place, passion is definitely the fuel of life 

  • If you are not passionate, are you even alive?

  • I have been the man I wanted to be since the day I started chasing my passion 

  • The call for passion is greater than the call for anything else in life 

  • The dedication I show when I follow my passion is missing when I am at my job. Am I wrong?

  • After all, at the end of the day, it is your passion that will make you happy 

  • The only thing where money doesn’t matter is passion 

  • The satisfaction you earn after a day of pursuing your passion is greater than the paycheck you get for the job. Isn’t it?

  • I never get demotivated when it comes to meeting the deadlines for my passion calls 

  • Living the life of a man who is married to passion but the job is envious of this union 

  • Not everything falls in place when we start pursuing a passion. But eventually, it does! 

  • Do you know what you are passionate about? It is that something which you discuss endlessly with people and bore them! Yes, that is it! 

  • Every small step you take today towards your passion will return in bigger strides tomorrow 

  • Your dream can be a reality, go follow your soul calling! 

  • It is better to be dead than to live a life without the urge to follow a passion 

  • Did you ever notice that you are naturally good at a few things? Are those your passion? 

  • The best thing about chasing a passion is that you never keep track of time, unlike corporate time trackers 😀

  • If you aren’t starting it today, there is no point even aiming for tomorrow. 

  • I have been chasing my passion ever since I gained sense, and now I make money from it! Isn’t it cool? 

  • Now that we know that passion is food for a living, are we following a healthy diet or still lurking in the cacophony of office corridors? 

  • Not everyone has the guts to follow a passion. I did, I won, and now it is your turn! 

  • You really cannot plan to pursue a passion. You just begin; the rest falls in place! 

  • Waking up every day and finding no reason to get out of bed? Get a passion and get going! 

  • Do not waste time pondering about Why and What. 4..3..2..1.. Just go and get it! 

  • Do you know what cures a burned-down Icarus? It’s a passion to fly closer to the sun!

  • Today, I didn’t spend a minute pursuing my passion. Would this day even count in life?
Passion Quotes

Emotional WhatsApp statuses for Passion

  • The regret you are going to have if you do not follow your passion today would be too heavy a weight to carry for life 

  • Your full-time paycheck can fulfill your needs, but what about your aspirations? You are not really gonna kill them, are you? 

  • I have lived years pretending to be happy while focusing only on passion, but now it is time I get back to doing what makes me happy

  • Financial security is probably the only reason why I never choose to follow my passion for arts 

  • It is just the inner calling to something that you always have wanted to do but cannot do because of your other commitments. 

  • You would have known the true meaning of passion if you were a literature student 

  • Do you know what your passion is? Your passion is what comes to your mind the first time after waking up

  • Living a dream life needs you to risk your average life by following your greatest passion 

  • Every dream is big, and every dreamer is big. What only lacks is the courage to take the one life-changing step! 

  • If you do not know your passion, call, learn something productive, and make it your passion!

Passion Quotes
  • It is always wise to choose a passion that pays big! That way, you will always keep earning 😀

  • If you do not know your passion, then you probably do not know the purpose of being born 

  • One fine day I dropped everything else and moved out with my camera! I had my passion calling, and I am happy.

  • Not every passion is similar; hence never be jealous of someone’s else passion just because it is cool! What is yours belongs to you, just you! 

  • The difference between the living and the dead is that the living ones are still following their passion.

  • I am not the person who would want to turn around at some point in life to see only a life full of regrets behind me

  • It is better to act now than regretting later on the lost time 

  • That instant spark of energy on your face when you work on your passion or talk of it is enough to motivate you to take it further

  • Is there anything that sets your heart racing and excited you? Watch it closely; that must be a thing of passion to you!

  • Let’s not just survive, instead let’s thrive on the passion and excitement of chasing the dreams 

  • A happy soul is one that feeds on passion and not only on responsibilities 

  • Do not hold back your emotions always; let them break free and meet the goals with passion 

  • If you are not passionate, you are not living a life

  • The only forever relationship that you can have after your parents is the one with your passion!

  • I stopped making life feel like a tedious chore! I started running my own show, and life feels so happening now! 

  • The darkness around can only lighten up with a touch of passion. 

Follow your passion status

The biggest integrity lies in following your dreams and passion. The determination to achieve something has to be at the utmost level, or else it won’t reach you.

In the long run, many people give up due to failures and impatience. But a true fighter is someone who walks on the path of his passion despite all odds.

Whatever the result will be, it doesn’t matter. To keep the fire inside you ignited, we have put together a bunch of quotes that will motivate you, so check them out.

  • “Passion comes from glimpsing your true potential.”

  • “Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your true self. What you’ve buried beneath the needs of others.”

  • “Putting your sweat and tears into doing something is called stress. On the other hand, ” passion ” is enjoying your work and giving your best.”

  • “You can do whatever you want in this life as long as you have passion and faith and are willing to work hard.”

  • “Know your passion. Follow it, and Live your dream. “

Passion for teaching status

Teaching is the purest form of worship in the field of jobs. Being a teacher is not only bound to academic purpose but also to building a child’s inner self.

A good teacher brings out the best in the child and makes them shine brighter. The influence of a good teacher is necessary for every kid out there because a teacher is no less than a second mother.

It is dedicated to all those teachers out there who try their best to make every child shine are some quotes, especially for them!

  • “Teaching is the only profession that gives rise to all other professions.”

  • “Students don’t care how much you know until they realize how much you care.”

  • “Children learn more from who you are than what you teach them.”

  • “A teacher is someone who always helps you find strength, wipe away tears, conquer demons, and overcome fear.”

  • “Teachers who love to teach, their children love to learn.”

Find your passion status

The most important thing in life is to do what your heart wants. Being academically excelled is not what life is.

It is way beyond that a person can understand only under one condition, which is their passion and dream. Life is very short to waste any of its moments.

Explore your dreams and passion before it’s too late! To make you self-driven, we have put together some quotes to help you find your way.

  • “The grass on the other side is greener than usual until you jump over the fence and see the weeds up close.”

  • “Your future depends on your ability, not your failure.

  • “Everyone I work with knows something better than I do. My job is to listen long enough to find it and use it.”

  • “What you get when you reach your goals is not as important as what happens when you reach them.”

  • “If you fill your time with yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s sorrows, you will not have today to be thankful for.”

Passion desire status

On the way to achieving your goals and dreams, many hurdles will try to stop you and stop you from reaching your destination.

But that is the examination life takes from each person, to check their inner determination and patience. The more hurdles you surpass, the stronger you become.

And to keep that patience and determination alive, you have our quotes handy! Go give them a read.

  • “Our future achievements are entirely determined by how every second of our life is spent. The future is the accumulation of many presents.”

  • “We sometimes tend to despair when loved ones leave us, but the truth is, it’s not our loss, it’s because they left behind the only one who wouldn’t give up on them.”

  • “All it takes is one lie to make someone lose faith in you. The best thing you should always do is to be open, always realistic, and always tell the truth.”

  • “People have to learn how their actions affect others. So be careful what you say and do.”

  • “Even at our best, it’s still not good enough for the wrong people. Even at our worst, it’s worth it for the right people.”

  • “Take it daily. Results don’t come overnight. Change doesn’t happen quickly. Keep Passion for
  • “Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion.”

  • “Passion for one’s work makes life happier, and work ceases to function.”

  • “Your job consists of discovering your job and devoting it wholeheartedly.”

  • “One more day won’t get us where we want to be. We must act with strength, passion, and determination to achieve our goals.”

  • With passion, confidence, and a willingness to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life.”
Passion Quotes

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