A Speech on How People Are Judged by Their Skin Color

Color-based discrimination, which is also known as colorism or shadism, is a form of discrimination where people who come under the same community or race are targeted and treated harshly based on skin color. Here people with lighter skin complexion or fair-skinned are considered more beautiful and respected with higher values than people with a darker complexion. This judgemental nature has proven to have an extensive role over various areas like politics, media, health care, business, housing and economy, and even in criminal justice. 

Judging people by their skin is widely present, even after we all are taught about the rights to equality and rights against social discriminations. Due to societal influences, light skin is always portrayed and flaunted all around the world as the symbol of beauty and also for other beauty associated products. This false belief has carried out for decades, causing enormous changes among normal people to think that dark-skinned people are to be avoided and mistreated in our society. This same thought has also been the same reason for people with dark skin to face slavery in many countries for ages. 

The world has changed extensively in terms of technology, inventions, and even in social and economic manners. However, the judgment over color still exists in various parts of the globe. We should all recall the famous lines said by Sir Martin Luther King,” my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.

We should all appreciate one’s character, not his/her skin color because it is the love and respect that we share for each other, that would come in handy when we are in danger; not the color of the skin.

Though the discrimination due to skin color has changed in a large number, there are still few incidents or instances where this harsh judgemental behavior takes place. For example Marriage; Skin color does play a vital role in a girl’s life, it can be more brutal when compared to a boy’s life who has dark skin. Another example: criminal cases and job opportunities; Fair skin which is falsely considered an attractive color becomes the reason behind false wisdom to the wrong person or allowing the wrong candidate.

Many such examples are carried out in various fields. All these poor judgments are affecting those populations of dark-skinned people oppressively, opening up doors to cause social and economical crises, physical abuses, and mental instability; thus leading to raise wars or mass killing and suicides. 

Finally, the only way to stand against preconceived judgments upon people we don’t know is to meet people with an open mind and judge them based on their character, honesty, kindness, how they behave, and their tolerance for other people who are different from them. Let’s just not characterize them in terms of skin color or race; everyone is unique in various ways.

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