A Speech on “Person I Would Most Like to Meet”

A very warm good (—) to one and all present here. I am (—), and I am from (—). We all have that one person or person we would like to meet in life. It may be a celebrity, a politician, an influencer, a singer, etc.

I am here today to talk about the person I would most like to meet. It is the famous English writer and comedian, Mr. Rowan Atkinson, our very own Mr. Bean. I love him for his role in Mr. Bean and Johnny English. He was born on 6 January 1955. He has earned degrees in electrical engineering. He also won many awards for his works. 

Mr. Bean and Mr. Bean’s animation movies are my favorite shows on TV. I love watching it. It makes me very happy. Rowan Atkinson is the life of it. No one can do it better than him. He cheers me up when I am sad. His incredible skill in making people laugh is astonishing. Though he speaks significantly less in the movies, he never fails to convey his message through his wide range of humorous expressions and body language.

He made weird gestures, funny noises, and unique physical cues. He has a very calm and deep voice. I am always fascinated by the way he acts out his character. I haven’t ever felt bored watching any of his Mr. Bean movies. His unique talent is what made him so famous worldwide. 

His movie Johnny English, a spy, action, comedy film, is also famous, and he comes as a different character. He acts as a spy in it and does a commendably good job. This shows his versatility and potential. He has also acted in various other movies and series.

He attained fame and was established as one of England’s finest comic actors after the show Blackadder hit the British TV screens. After this, he co-wrote and was cast in Mr.Bean and became internationally famous. He is not only a known actor but is also the owner of a successful production company named Hindmeck.

Apart from his acting brilliance, I have heard that he is a very intelligent person in real life too. I have also heard that he is a soft and friendly person. He even once saved a plane from crashing in 2001, when Atkinson, his wife, and children were traveling from the airstrip in Ukundu, Kenya, to Wilson airport in Nairobi. The Cessna 202 aircraft’s pilot fainted at the controls and could not be revived.

Atkinson then took control of the plane and kept it flying, thus saving himself, the family, and the plane from crashing. He is a frequent guest at Royal events as he is friends with powerful people. He was also invited to Prince Charles’ and Prince William’s weddings. I wish that I could meet him someday and talk to him for a long time and see some of his acts. Thank you all, and have a nice day.

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