A Speech on How Business Owners’ Personal Characteristics Impact Their Business?

A very good afternoon to everyone present here. Today when all of us are here for our annual business meet, and as we are surrounded by some of the most impeccable business men and women our country has witnessed, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my takes on business. The one thing that I would like to stress upon is how most of the successful people in business are also the owners of highly respected characters.

When we own a business, it is important for us to have some values that would prove to be beneficial for our business. I would like to stress upon the fact that a business owner’s personal characteristics have a high influence and impact on their business. When a person begins their venture and is a newbie in the industry, networking becomes one of the most important methods of expanding their business.

So when the new person in the industry meets the experienced people in the same industry, they should be able to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the people, so that they can be remembered for what they are and hence thor business gets promoted through that. Also the business owner decides the direction in which the company will grow and expand, and their state of mind which is a part of their character decides the fate of the company with the decisions the business owner makes.

Most of the times we come across people who have failed in their business and lives their life wallowing in that guilt and people with such working of the minds may not prove to be capable business owners as for them each hurdle would seem like a problem whereas people with contrary mindset would consider these hurdles as new challenges to overcome and they devise new plans and strategies to overcome this challenges and sometimes these hurdles prove to be beneficial for the company as they can also be turned into opportunities for growth and expansion into different areas of operation.

Before the company becomes capable enough to afford a new face of representation, most of the times companies are remembered by the deed of its owner and hence it is important for the business owner to have a respectable image in the society to maintain the image of their company as well.

A business owner’s characteristics not only influences the external public but also the internal public of the company. Most of the employees of the business owner will look up to the owner for inspiration and it is possible to keep the employees motivated by providing them with an example right at their workplace. The internal public also includes the shareholders of the company, who needs to be kept in good place, and the business owner should be able to maintain a good relationship with them to benefit the company in the long run as steady shareholders are quite essential for the well being of the company.

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