A Speech on How to Present Yourself with Confidence

Welcome every one present here. Today I would like to discuss with all of you about some major steps of presenting yourselves with confidence.

To present ourselves with confidence we should claim our space. We all have the right to be heard and the right to speak as well. People ask us to speak our mind because they’re interested in getting to know us and our thoughts, thus trying to know us better.

We should walk forward with the clear view of our purpose or we can say that we should move with purpose. No fiddling with your clothes or fussing with your hair is allowed while you are trying to present yourself in a good way. When we move or walk ahead, we should make sure that our physical gestures, body language and expressions support and illustrate our thoughts and message, not distract them.

We should try our best to connect ourselves with our listeners. Before you speak you have to find out about them or get an idea about: their interests, needs, concerns etc. The more you can gather knowledge about your audience the better space you will get are to gear your remarks to them and make your approach and ideas more believable for them.

You have to be able to articulate properly. No matter how smart you are, how powerful your messages and thoughts can be, and how interesting your story is, if anyone cannot understand you, then you can as well send a memo. You have to warm up your vocal representation in the washroom or an empty place before delivering your actual speech.

 You should make sure your message touches the heart of your audiences and calls them to act according to those messages. No matter what your subject is, leave your listeners in a series of thoughts about what they’re going or trying to do next. Inspire them to do as your speech tells them to, thus mesmerizing them with your confident words.

Tell stories and anecdotes to make them interesting. Include examples. Use vivid language, including metaphors and similes.

You should structure your speech and content according to the given situation to make it more realistic and acceptable for the listeners.

You have to speak only by looking at your audience. Have your opening and closing remarks memorized with great confidence. If you need to refer to your notes, pause, look at them, then look up at your audience and speak, don’t speak while looking at your notes. They want you to do well in your speech.

You have to try hard to breathe from your boots. At the time of your nervousness, the tendency is to breathe from your chest of the upper part, thus causing you to be unbalanced. We should stand with our feet placed squarely under our hips to give us a strong base from which we have to speak.

 Before speaking, one should visualize the presentation as per their desire.  To make the picture real you have to hear your own voice – strong and confident.

Thus make yourself highly presentable and acceptable before your listeners.

Thank you.

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