A Speech on “Should Priests Be Allowed to Get Married?

Priests are also human beings with the same emotions and feelings as any other human being. They should have more knowledge of what most human emotions are to be able to guide other people with issues they only come to share with their god and priests who work at the sacred houses. It is a matter of blind faith that has raised tougher rules that priests are never supposed to be married or have children. 

As the world is changing, people’s ideologies over many things change, and many come forth for changes over various places and ideologies. More than 85 percent of the normal population supports putting an end to the celibacy rule over priests.

More importantly, priests are those men who are to be considered as people who are wiser, more down to earth, and near to godly behavior; at least that is how they should behave. In my opinion, an end to the celibacy rule among these priests is mandatory for today’s world, and here are a few reasons why they should be allowed to get married;

The population of the nation, as well as the population of priests, are equally important. This doesn’t mean no one has to decide to be a priest. Choosing to be a priest is a certain calling that one receives and is his own choice. None of us can ever question it. Many Catholic churches are losing the number of priests for their churches.

This does not mean the elder priests have to choose men randomly just to pass down these higher duties. Many won’t come up just because of the rule that they can never have a family of their own. For a priest, everyone under him is his children and family. Yes, but in another way, it is also reducing the natural population of people where women don’t find enough men to marry or vice-versa.

Lacks the ability to understand, help, or discuss the companionship of marriage and having children. It is always a question many young adults these days have. Priests who never married or had children give classes, talk about a perfect marriage, the better ways to raise a child, and many other matters that are only related to family life.

How can they counsel couples when they have no experience for themselves? If they do not learn the entire meaning of all kinds of emotions a human feels, then how will they be able to share the utmost compassion and understanding for their people’s needs? 

Overall, it is always a matter of faith that the elder continues to believe. It is time to make some changes and help both priests and nuns to be allowed with the end for rights against marriage. Let them be allowed to complete their humanity, and attain every meaning of love, care, compassion, emotions, and feelings to be a better version of the lord’s servant to help the ones in need.

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