Privacy Is Not the Most Important Right

Yes, privacy is one of the most important rights of a citizen; but it is not the most important one. They are some rights like the Right to Equality, Rights against discrimination, Right against slavery that take much more value among people.

One wouldn’t want to be ruled or put down badly or treated harshly in their society. We can never say privacy is not important, because in the present world, privacy does play a vital role, and it is our responsibility to keep our privacy our own.

The privacy of a citizen spreads across various factors. To maintain means to live a life where no one is constantly following you or keeping a track of your life and your life’s work. Privacy rights do not matter in certain circumstances, it depends on the situation in which the individual has stepped on.

Let me guide you through certain points where privacy rights do become an important right;

To protect our personal and financial data. To maintain a balance between privacy rights, social surveillance, national security and freedom of expression is the main responsibility of a government.

This could be hard to carry out without invading one’s privacy, but it has been agreed that the government does not have to spy over a citizen unless they have a specific reason to do so.

Laws should be stronger to protect our data and rights. Your data is your responsibility and you should have the right to make changes or decide on who else can access it. 

To protect our reputation and build a healthy relationship of trust. Privacy rights help us to be confident to share our details with other organizations in case, for example, schools, hospitals, or banks.

We will be guaranteed the best safety of our information, and if the trust is broken there will be consequences. Any false or foolish information that we decide to post online or offline can be erased or taken down using these privacy rights so that it cannot harm our reputation.

Kinds of bullying or spreading of unwanted personal files as a form of revenge could be put to an end or taken legal actions against the victimizers.     

To maintain social boundaries. Nowadays media platforms have given us various security features so that we could draw a certain boundary line with our followers. In person, we could just ignore those topics that we wouldn’t want to share. 

To have your political views and also to protect your rights.  Privacy rights give us the confidence to express our own opinion whenever and wherever we want. This could also help you maintain your political views and whom you would like to vote, stay confidential.

Privacy rights may not be the most important social right, but they are primary rights that are generally linked with all the other rights of an individual. Every Right has to be safeguarded and followed concerning one’s privacy.

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