Should Puerto Rico Become the 51st State? – Speech (592 Words)

A very hearty welcome to each and everyone present. I feel it as a delight to partake in this gathering. On this occasion, I would like to share my views on a very debatable topic Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state? To all those who don’t know, Puerto Rico is located in North America. People living there have a very strong tradition and most of the population consists of indigenous people. Let us see a brief history of how Puerto Rico became part of The US.

In the early days, Puerto Rico was largely occupied by Spain. Though later on it was governed by many European leaders, it continued to be a precious hold of the Spanish. It was well known for its rich native population, it was also said to one of the wealthier colonies compared to the others ruled by the Spanish.

ith this, a strong Puerto Rican identity began to establish. During the Spanish – American War in the year 1898, The United States had got hold of Puerto Rican colonies but remained an unincorporated territory, which means that it is not incorporated for the US constitution and only the laws can be applied here partially.

From then, Puerto Ricans had become a part of US citizens where they could move freely between the islands. Though Its citizens are free of paying any federal taxes, they still do not have a right to vote for the candidates in the federal election, as it is not a State.

From then on, the state of the Puerto Ricans is still a debate until today. Before Acquiring Puerto Rico by the US Each region procured by the United States would ultimately turn into a state. Yet, when it came to Puerto Rico, Congress shied away.

It delayed allowing citizenship to Puerto Ricans, and the Supreme Court elastic stepped on the island’s inconsistent treatment, clarifying that statehood was not really likely to work out. These decisions mirrored the straightforwardly racist perspectives of the times.

There were many referendums passed over the years that allowed citizens of Puerto Rico to cast their vote if they wanted Puerto Rico to be added as the 51st State or not. In each of the cases as many citizens have left blank it has become difficult to decide until today.

Respondents were not given the list of the advantages or downsides of adding a 51st state to America, yet as a rule, statehood for Puerto Rico would incorporate the island accepting democratic rights for legislative agents, the ideal for its residents to decide in favor of the President of the United States in an overall political decision, and a necessity to settle government annual assessment.

Having being citizens of the USA for a longer amount of time, but not having the right to vote for the Congress is what makes the Puerto Ricans voice out the opinion to make this tiny island as 51st State with equal rights 

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