A Speech on “Should Puppy Mills Be Banned?”

Good (–) to one and all present. I am (—) and I am here today to give my opinion on whether puppy mills should be banned or not. Let me introduce you to what a puppy mill is. Puppy male is a puppy farm where commercial dog breeding takes place. The main characteristic of a puppy mill is that there is quick breeding under very poor conditions.

Kyon the health of the dogs is disregarded to maintain low costs and to maximize profit. They emphasize quantity over quality and the dogs are kept under continuous confinement with lack of human contact and poor care. There are around 10,000 licensed and unlicensed puppy mills in the United States. They sell more than 2 million puppies annually. In my opinion, such puppy Mills should be banned.

Puppy mills are horrible places for dogs. In some places, it is illegal for pet stores to buy dogs wholesale from such commercial breeders. Various animal activists take on the responsibility of keeping such puppy mills in check and seeing to it that puppy mills that do not provide the Dogs with adequate conditions are shut down. In most places, breathing happens at the expense of the dog’s health and well-being. Most puppy mills are cruel and widely unnecessary. So there are certain laws that dog breeders are bound to and most people do not care to follow them as they feel that they are superior to dogs and no one will ask them anything about it.

Most dogs go through terrible trauma and it remains throughout their life. These puppies who are in constant confinement with the lack of social contact often become Dogs with various illnesses both mental and physical and often abandoned within weeks or days by the people who adopted them. The breeders do not care about what happens to the puppies after they are sold. All they want is their profit. Female dogs are made to breed more than their capacities and abandoned when they can no longer fracking reproduce. After giving birth also the mothers are malnourished and suffer from a lack of adequate veterinary care.

Most puppies that are sold through online platforms are brought from such puppy Mills. It is the responsibility of the people who are looking to buy a puppy that they buy it from proper standard breeders who are willing to show the place where the puppies are raised and where their mothers are kept.

The dogs who cannot breathe anymore are killed brutally. Most puppies from puppy mills frequently suffer from various health issues creating huge responsibilities to the families who adopt them expecting to enjoy their life with the new family member. It is our responsibility to make sure that such puppy Mills are not encouraged by buying puppies from proper breeders by meeting them and the place where they were bred. We can also join the animal activists and support them in the journey to completely ban puppy mills and organizations that district animal life. Thank you all.

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