71+ Economic Quotes By Famous Economists

A person who is an expert and practices the social science of economics is known as an economist. An economist is concerned about policymaking for the stability of the economy and the welfare of the people.

An economist studies and suggests developmental strategies for the amelioration of the standard of living of the people in all aspects.

Economists always have quotes for the welfare of the people and towards achieving a stable economy so as to avoid any pandemonium. Here are some of the sayings of some famous economists from across the globe, which are meant to take the conditions of the people to a higher level.

Economic Quotes By Famous Economists

  • When it comes to the long run, then every one of us is dead. –John Maynard Keynes
  • If you are talking about inflation, then I would say it is a monetary phenomenon in every aspect and in every situation. –Milton Friedman
  • The very moment all the lands in any country are being privatized then, the landlords start demanding money for even the harvest which they never sowed. –Adam Smith
  • All the things that Milton Friedman comes across remind him of the supply of money, and all the things that I come across remind me of sex, but I keep it out of my papers. –Robert Solow
  • Once a person starts thinking about the growth of an economy, it is next to impossible for him to think about anything else. –Robert Lucas
Economic Quotes By Famous Economists
  • The prices of the stocks have apparently reached a very high platform. –Irving Fisher
  • The interpretation and estimation of the distributed lagged models were the major interests of macroeconomists and applied economists during the time when I was pursuing my graduation. –Thomas Sargent

  • I have never come across a person who has done anything good and who has always shown inclination towards free riding. –Adam Smith

  • The average scores of the economics department in MIT and Harvard go up when the student with the least academic performance in MIT leaves and joins Harvard. –Paul Samuelson

  • You will find a computer in all places except when it comes to the statistics regarding the growth of an economy. –Robert Solow

  • All the conservatives that you may come across might not be stupid people, but all the stupid people you come across are conservatives. –John Stuart Mill

  • I never had any non-academic job, which was serious enough. –Amartya Sen

  • The extent of expenditure of a country can have no limits. –Gita Gopinath

  • The true problem associated with debt occurs when all the people are going to pay it back at the same time. –Paul Krugman

  • I was birth on a campus of a university, and all my life I have been residing on any university campus or the other. –Amartya Sen

  • The true tragedy that the poor face is that they do not have enough aspirations. –Adam Smith

  • Any policymaker’s tool kit must have enough room for fiscal policies because they are of paramount importance. –Gita Gopinath
Economic Quotes By Famous Economists
  • The approaches of any present government towards the future government are not philanthropic enough. –Gita Gopinath

  • The theory of growth did not begin with my articles, but perhaps they began with Adam Smith. Even Adam Smith could have predecessors. –Robert Solow

  • I say this often you can find all the things that you want online, but in the bookstores, you will get the things that you did not search for. –Paul Krugman

  • Debt is the liability of one and an asset for the other. –Paul Krugman

  • It is the state of our own minds that matter the most. –John Maynard Keynes

  • Escaping from already existing ideas is more difficult than developing new ones. –John Maynard Keynes

  • The people who are always inclined towards holding meetings are the least productive ones. –Thomas Sowell

  • There will be a shortage of sand in the Sahara desert if the federal government is put in its charge. –Milton Friedman

  • Population increases geometrically when it is not checked. –Thomas Malthus

  • I have always wanted to do something good and useful for the world, and I believe I inherited this from my mother. She was a pediatrician and was an active member of an NGO that was meant for the child victims of war. –Esther Duflo
Economic Quotes By Famous Economists
  • The branch that is known as behavioral economics is what I practice. –Richard Thaler

  • The part of a person’s wealth that is used to increase the wealth level is what we refer to as capital. –Alfred Marshall

  • Of the many difficulties of a job in the real world is that you get no time to shut the door of a room and stay alone and think. –Raghuram Rajan

  • I spent about ninety days in the dormitory of Columbia University and was getting trained as a naval officer when the US got involved in the war actively.

  • You will have to give money to the poor in their hands and cannot do this by any mere fiscal policy, such as a cut in income taxes. –Abhijit Banerjee

  • I have received a Ph.D. in economics, and thus I analyze every situation in a completely new manner because all the situations arising across the globe are unique to themselves. –Dave Brat

  • I strongly believe in cooperation. –Franco Modigliani

  • The situation in Argentina is such that the critics will blame the international currencies even if the weather is not right. –Steve Hanke

  • The need for America to have a dollar which is more competitive is my theme for today’s evening. –Martin Feldstein

  • Since the formation of the Federal reserves, it has been evident that the monetary policies do not virtually had any effect on the employment and output scenarios. –Edward C. Prescott

  • Property rights only say about the ownership of a product but it is the market that decides how the product will be used. –Ronald Coase

Economic Quotes By Famous Economists
  • I have been turned to the subject of economics only after the adverse economic scenarios after the First World War. –Theodore Schultz

  • I believe that what Bob Shiller and I are doing is nothing but just focusing on what role psychology plays in macroeconomics. –George Akerlof

  • The history of mankind that we are aware of is the history of the people who belonged to higher classes. –Thomas Malthus
Economic Quotes By Famous Economists

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