98+ Best Quotes by World Famous Mathematician

Mathematics is the only subject that never turns boring but is always the most lively one for all . This is the only subject that always engages you and attracts you every time .

Mathematics that we are seeing today is the result of those contributions that have be made by a lot many of mathematicians over the years . You always get something to learn from the experience of these mathematicians , who are also the world famous for their works .

Mentioned below are some sayings and quotes of some world famous and the most popular mathematicians round the globe .

Quotes by World Famous Mathematician

  • The physics can never overtake the mathematics , because mathematics is undoubtedly superior to the former always , yes but for the popularity of physics it would have been better if mathematics would have never existed on this planet earth . – said by Daniel Bernoulli
  • Mathematician is always like a poet or like a painter , as we see him as the maker and creator of different patterns . And the difference that the patterns of mathematician are always permanent than those of the painter or poet , reason being as the patterns are made with more of ideas . – said  by G. H. Hardy  
  • Always keep in mind that sometimes you may have your results for a long time , but sometimes you do not know or rather you are unable to figure out that how will you be arriving at these results . – said by Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • The people who actually find mathematics as the tougher part for them then it is just because he have yet not discovered the complications and difficulties of their lives , because it is life that is more complicated than mathematics in reality , so the people who are only aware about mathematics may find their lives easier . – said by John von Neumann
  • Always keep that in mind that it is not always necessary that every mathematician may always be able to reason , because many times you find such mathematician in your life who are actually unable to give reasoning . – said by Plato

_ One should always remember that it is very rare to find the perfect numbers , as the perfect numbers are like those perfect men who are actually very rare on this earth . – said by Rene Descartes

_ One should always look for a best place to stand , for if you can find a best place to stand then you can definitely move this earth , always keep that in your mind that you just need the perfect place to stand . – said by Archimedes

_ If you really have your eyes on the truth then you should never look for it into the multiplicity , as you will never find truth in the multiplicity nor you will ever truth in confusion of things , but rather you should actually look in to the simplicity because you will always find truth in simplicity , originally . – said by Isaac Newton

_ You should always have sharp eyes , when you can see deep , because you may not know but where ever there is matter , there you definitely find geometry every time . – said by Johannes Kepler

_ Just like you will always need arithmetic for calculating employment , as employment can never be calculated with out arithmetic , similarly you will always see that you can never calculate your mechanical invention without geometry , because geometry is always mandatory for the calculation of the mechanical invention every time . – said by Benjamin Franklin

_ If you feel that every thing is always uncertain , then you may find yourself wrong over this because it is never necessary that every thing may be uncertain every time , rather it can also be certain sometimes . – said by Blaise Pascal

_ You just need to be a person with the perfect understanding of the mathematics then you will actually feel something that people usually never feel , you will then feel that the geometry is also there in the humming of strings ,  and then only you can also feel that the spacing of the spheres also have music in them , its just a difference that how you can have a better understanding of the geometry . – said by Pythagoras

_ The simplest thing you can always keep in your mind is that the shortest and the smallest distance and gap between the points is always the straight line , the easiest to understand . – said by Archimedes

_ One should always be a silent one , only till the time one does not have something better or something more effective and useful than his own silence , this is when you also understand the value of your silence , and wise men always do the same way and tend to speak only useful things rather remain silent usually . – said by Archimedes

_ If you are a true mathematician then only you can understand that how pure mathematics be the poetry of logical ideas in its own way , that is never easy for all to understand . – said by Albert Einstein

_ Only a true mathematician will always understand the true importance and the true value of mathematics in their lives ,  because the more you keep studying mathematics , the more you start and begin to believe in God , but in case you are not a mathematician then you can never this  . – said by Albert Einstein

_ None thing can ever be more beautiful then the mathematics because it is only the mathematics that is actually the most beautiful and the most powerful which is also the creation of the human spirit , because the mathematics has become the most important part of our lives . – said by Stefan Banach

_ Always remember that when you say the art of human understanding it is one and only for ever and that is mathematics , mathematics be the actual and the original art of human understanding . – said by William Thurston

_ One will always feel satisfied with the mathematics because first of all you can never get enough of it ,  and also that you can always learn mathematics from others and you can also share it with the people around you always . – said by William Thurston

_ Always keep one thing in your mind that you can only learn mathematics  , when you actually do it by yourself , because if you don’t do it yourself then you can never learn it in your life , as there is no way out for you . – said by Paul Halmos

_ You can only feel the true mathematics not  by it equations , or numbers , or by its computations , and algorithms , but you can only feel the true mathematics only with the perfect understanding of it , because mathematics is not actually about numbers or digits but it is all about understanding in reality . – said by William Paul Thurston

_ It does not actually matter about your smartness every time , but it is originally about how longer you can stay with that problem , because the longer you stand with that problem the stronger you be to face it . – said by Albert Einstein

_ If you are the one who is actually in love with mathematics then you will always find beauty where ever you will find numbers . – said by Proclus

_ Be a pure mathematician because it is only the pure mathematician who is always open to all the challenges in life and are the one who always take or pick up the unsolved problems , one should always be like pure mathematicians then they will always find a solution to all their problems . – said by Andrew Wiles

_ The ones who are the pure mathematician are the ones who always find a similar kind of problem with their lives , that is basically the problem with the Riemann Hypothesis  . – said by Andrew Wiles

_ The true and the pure mathematician will always find “obvious “ word to be the most dangerous one for themselves , so if you are the pure mathematician then you will definitely understand . – said by E. T. Bell

_ Mathematics is one of the god’s best creation ,  and it is the only language that is used by god to write the universe , it always be the best and the most powerful language in the world . – said by Galileo Galilee

_ If you are not the true and the pure mathematician you will not understand that , it is only mathematics that has the capability to turn coffee into theorems , as mathematics is not only a language but also a device . – said by Paul Erdos

_ There is also a condition to be a true and the pure mathematician in life , it is that one should be the poet in their souls and by their hearts if they really want to be a pure mathematician , because if it is not so , then you can never be the one , as it is impossible . – said by Sofia Kovalevskaya

_ When you be the true and the pure mathematician then only you understand that what is life all about . It is all about only two things in life , first is discovering mathematics and the other is teaching mathematics . – said by Simeon Poisson

_ Always remember that mathematics is something that is always beyond everything , whether it be in the case of different races , or in the case of geographical boundaries of different territories , because when you look at mathematics then you find that for mathematics the cultural world is only one country . One can limit or restrict mathematics as it has no boundaries , or races , and you will find it same every where . – said by David Hilbert

_ If you believe that being a poet will help you be a true mathematician then you may be wrong because if you lack true imagination in you then you will never be a true mathematician in your life . – said by David Hilbert

_ One should always keep in their minds that you can never make your mathematical theory a perfect one until , you are unable to make the other person understand it , at the very first instance when you are meeting any random strange person at the street and explaining your theory to him . – said by David Hilbert

_ Be the true and the pure mathematician in your life , when the mathematical science be an indivisible part of you as a whole , it should be one’s vitality that should be conditioned upon the connections of his parts . – said by David Hilbert

_ No matter what ever profession you may be in but you will see that every thing is inter linked to each other in this world , supposedly if you have to present some scientific subject of yours in an attractive way then you need to have some artistic features in you some what similar to that of a novelist , or even may be like that of a dramatic writer . And then same you can see in the case of the text books writers . – said by Max Born

_ You can never see or study science simply like the study that describes and explains only nature but in true sense it is actually the interplay that you see between the nature and yourself  . – said by Werner Heisenberg

_ If you want all the answers to your questions then you must understand the nature first because it is the nature that can answer to all your questions  , but only when you under go the process of understanding . – said by Werner Heisenberg

_ If you find mathematics to be boring then you are wrong , but if you understand the true essence of mathematics you will see that it is the art of always and every time looking and searching for new and different patterns and then crafting them beautifully with all meaningful explanations . – said by Paul Lockhart

_ The true mathematician should make its work more and more beautiful , followed by the beautiful patterns , as now the beauty is the most important test ,  if mathematics will be ugly then it will have no place in this world because every one then will find the mathematics to be the ugly one . So to keep mathematics alive and loved for ever mathematicians should keep their patterns beautiful always . – said by G. H. Hardy

_ Always keep in your mind that a true mathematician’s reputation is always the one that rests on the number of their given ideas that might had turned out to be bad . – said by Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch 

_ One should never get confused about the fact that the laws of the nature and the mathematical thoughts are distinct , because the nature’s laws are itself actually those mathematical thoughts of god , and they are not meant for humans to understand . – said by Euclid

_ When you see the mathematics lecture without the proofs , then you actually don’t know that in true sense it is just like a movie that has no love scenes in it , always keep that in mind every time you study mathematics . – said by Hendrik Lenstra

_ Never forget that your senses too can deceive you from time to time , so to be on the safer side one should never trust them blindly and wholly who had already deceived us in the past . – said by Rene Descartes

_ As a true mathematician you should always remember that if you get errors in your calculation , with the data , they are actually less of mistakes in comparison to those who are not using actually using any data , hence the latter are making the bigger mistake . – said by Charles Babbage

_ Arithmetic is something that is always done by God . – said by Carl Friedrich Gauss

_ If one wants to actually generate the extremely high degree of improbability then for this purpose the natural selection will always be the perfect mechanism and no one else . – said by Ronal Fisher

_ Always learn to invest your time in solving only those problems that are actually important rather than just wasting your time over those which are not the important ones . –  said by Richard Hamming

_ Remember that God has done all his work as he had created the integers for us , now all the rest work lies on us  , on the humans on this earth . – said by Leopold Kronecker

_ When you see mathematics  , it is an original expression of what the human mind has in it reflecting the active will of the human minds , a thoughtful reason , and along with it also the desire for artistic and appealing perfection . The basic elements of mathematics you will see are logic , and intuition , analysis along with the construction , and it also has with it the generality as well as individuality . – said by Richard Courant

_ Mathematics always be such a reason that has the music in it . – said by James Joseph Sylvester

_ Always remember that if you are among the ones who always try to generate and reproduce random or strange numbers by passive means , they are undoubtedly living in the state of sin and they are also unaware of that fact . – said by John Von Neumann

_ Being a true mathematician with the mathematical eyes , always gives you the pleasure , and always gives you something new to do in your life , because then with such eyes you see different new patterns around you that otherwise would have been hidden from you , and they are rather hidden from those who lack these mathematical eyes with them . – said by Steven Strogatz

_ In the true sense if we understand then we see that the mathematics had been consistent since god has been there but at the same time we also see devil existing there since we can never prove it to be real . –  said by Andre Weil

_ Always keep in your mind that just because something seems you automatic it does not always mean that it will surely work , there is no such guarantee that comes with automatic things . – said by Daniel J. Bernstein

_ If you will actually wish to be a true and pure mathematician then you will definitely understand and perceive the beauty that is there in mathematics ,  because the beauty of mathematics is actually something that can never be explained to anyone but can only be felt or perceived by the others who understand it and the true essence of it . – said by Arthur Cayley

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