A Speech on “We Should Read More Classic Books.”

The classics act as the milestones of the tradition of our literature. 

What defines a classic book? If you are asked this, then how do you think you can determine which book can be called a classic? Well, the answer is very easy. If people are reading a book even after 50 years from the date it got published, then probably it is on its way to being a classic.

Classic is a term used to denote something that is pure, genuine and worth remembering. While other literary works come and go, some works gets preserved over the time because of its quality and love from its readers. 

For instance, “Of Study” by Francis Bacon, can change our perspective towards studying. Bacon’s observation that “studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability” will make us think of studying in a new and revised manner, not to take it as a burden or obligation, but as a work or responsibility that is to be done by us and that is meant to give joy and enhance and uplift our thinking, speaking, and writing abilities and add charm to our personality.

Classic literature is important for all of us because it creates a new perspective to different worlds. Readers get to understand places like Russia or America better when they have read its literature. Books like ‘Gone with the Wind,’‘A Tale of Two Cities,’ ‘War and Peace,’ etc., tells us a tale of history and friendship.

  1. The classics make us think deeply and it challenges the brain a good way:

Many researchers believe that the linguistic functions used by Shakespeare can help stretch the brain, again many others say that a thorough reading of Jane Austen can be beyond the complexity involved in solving a difficult math problem.

  1. Improves IQ: 

We all know as well as believe that knowledge is power. Our IQ determines our job performance, educational attainment, income, health, and longevity. Reading is still considered the best way to improve intelligence. 

  1. It increases our stock of vocabulary:

Whether you want to impress your boss, or deliver a great presentation at work, you need to increase your stock of words anyway to reflect your intelligence. If you read the Greek and Latin classics, your personal word bank will increase, as many English words have their roots in these two languages. It is surprising that over 60% of English words are taken from Greek and Latin alone.

  1. You can see the film version when have finished reading:

Almost every classic has got a movie version. Filmmakers make and remake classics into a movie, from Gone With the Wind to On the Road to The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird. You will surely compare the book and the movie and that is way more interesting to do. It is always great to see these classics in a big screen

  1. You will read something of value:

The classics have passed the test of time; these are books in which we still find characters, experiences and emotions relevant today. The classics can be found in every major literary genre, from fantasy (Lord of the Rings) to science fiction (Brave New World) to romance (Sense and Sensibility) and even children’s (Charlotte’s Web), so these classics would bind you find something appealing.

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