56+ Iconic Ric Flair Quotes From The ‘Nature Boy’ Of Wrestling

Ric Flair happens to be a retired professional wrestler as well as an American professional wrestler manager.

As a matter of fact, Flair can boast of having a career spanning in excess of 40 years. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some of the most significant Ric Flair quotes you will ever encounter. 

Ric Flair Quotes And Sayings

-While all the females like to accompany me, all men want to follow me.

-Diamonds will never perish, and so will Ric Flair.

-I had no intention of being a wrestler until about one year before starting eventually.

Ric Flair Quotes

-I believe there was none. It is not possible for me to name any. This is not because of the fact that I had plenty of notable feuds, but I would find it difficult to tell the defining feud.

-I had a great time being Raw Owner. Actually I was beaten up more! Even though I was beaten up a lot being a Co-owner, I don’t mind that.

-While enjoying myself in the ring, I tend to laugh a lot.

-I excelled as a notorious man.

-In case you are thinking of wrestling as a form of art, in that case, while others are using just watercolors, Ric is actually using oils. 

-Educate yourself on learning it, in case you don’t love it.

-While I am the nightmare of every man, I am the dream of each and every woman out there.

-I am about to walk down the aisle in the most stylish manner.

-I have been a rock star, a sportsman, and also a film star during my lifetime, all combined into one – and I have worked much harder than anyone else out there.

Ric Flair Quotes

-I find it quite tough to sit in the studio and watch the man over there yelling my name. 

-Being the best show on the planet, it is really incredible.

-You might have many women, but I have more world championships as compared to you.

-Oh God, I convey my thanks to you. Although I feel rather embarrassed while seeing this, I comprehend that it was well worth it for me to spend 25 years of my life trying to make your nights happy.

-My issue is the fact that I believe that everyone ought to work just like I used to work when I was at the peak of my career.

-The value of my shoes is more as compared to your abode.

-I did not write any of these to hurt the feelings of any person.

-In spite of being the most outdated ride in this park, Space Mountain features the longest line.

Ric Flair Quotes

-As the old saying goes, “the worst enemy of any wrestler happens to be the time off.”

-Brother, don’t consider it to be a garden party; it is actually wrestling where the strongest is going to survive.

-In case you would like to be an individual, you have no other choice but to overcome the guy.

-I feel extremely good and elated whenever I can hear the crowds shouting WOOOOO!! This implies that I’ve really given a lot of effort and earned plenty of respect every single night when I make my supporters smile or even cry.

-It is the best possible thing going on, and therefore you must learn to adore it in spite of the fact that you might not like it after all.

-Hell, you are the greatest wrestler ever, and your name is Shawn Michaels!

-I am in love with the military. They are not getting sufficient credit for working so hard in safeguarding us and allowing us to enjoy ourselves every single day.

-I have the ability to get more punished as compared to anyone else in the business.

Ric Flair Quotes

-Nobody else bleeds as I do.

-Nothing will go well for you without sound health. I convey my things to the Almighty every single day for providing me with good health.

-I enjoy the role of being a bad guy. Simply talking bad and not being bad to the folks.

-I perform my cardio at an extremely high rate for approximately 30 minutes. I perform a level 18 at 4 miles an hour on the elliptical for a period of 20 minutes. That burns approximately 360 cal. I like to see other people also trying that. At 18, the resistance aspect is simply brutal. Nobody ever reaches 20.

-You are free to dress in any manner you like in case you do have notoriety. It goes that way. I like decking myself up. According to me, they go together – individuals and notoriety looking at you. If they are looking at you, you might like $1 million, or you might not. It does not matter if a person has a fantastic body; if the suit does not fit him, it is of no use.

-It is all about camaraderie for me. In fact, my entire life has been something like that. In case something is really going on, nothing has ever come before enjoyment. In fact, I always bless my buddies and the business, plus the fun ahead of anything else.

Ric Flair Quotes

-It will be imperative for you to start believing it on your own once you have been convinced by somebody that you are of no value to any individual anymore and they invest plenty of time doing this.

-I can boast up spending more cash on any particular robe than individuals can spend even in 5 years.

-Miami happens to be a fantastic wrestling town apart from being a great town by its own rights. It has always shown kindness to me being a wrestler. You have so many things to get involved in Miami.

-I believe that you have got a pocket square.

-Richard Fliehr does not generate any cash.

-Nobody, particularly Bret hart, has the opportunity of wrestling everybody in the business just like me.

-I can boast of having the greatest wrestling career when it comes to professional wrestling.

Ric Flair Quotes

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