A Speech on Best Season of The Year

Seasons are timely periods of the year that are differentiated with special climatic conditions. With it’s own temperature, light and weather patterns that repeat yearly we have four such beautiful seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Even with different aesthetics each season glistens upon us unlikely. The best Season of the Year is the spring.

Spring: A season where the sun, the trees, flowers and the weather itself are reborn just after the cold white winter. It spreads a new light and colour to nature every year. This season that appears right after the cold and gloomy winter shines with hours of light, a mild climate and the view of continuous blooming and opening up of flowers is a splendid view. Not only with the shining sun it spreads a warmth to our soul that would make us smile.

In some countries, the spring season is celebrated gorgeously with floral designed costumes, and floats. Changes of the season play a vital role in both human and animal emotions and hormones; and spring season is the most cherished with beautiful flowers, bumblebees and butterflies. The magnificent views of these exquisite flowers of the blossoms popping everywhere around, along with the fresh green look of the trees are something to be relished. For some of us it is even time for a complete wardrobe alteration – no more heavy jackets until next winter. 

Spring is known as the perfect climate. It is a combination of two extreme seasons; winter and summer. One of which would freeze us and the other would sear upon us; but the spring would want you to enjoy your time outside with family and friends or even let you love a comfy curled up evening under your blanket. This season also has longer days and shorter nights; an ideal time to start new ventures or hobbies.

Open your windows wide, let that continuous flow of the warm breeze and sunlight touch your skin and ease your mind and mood, forcing us to clean our surroundings with utmost pleasure and refresh your home with positivity. Let us make spring  cleaning a priority to welcome the new circle of the year into our life; boredom has no role here, it is the perfect season to shine bright for smarter days. 

Spring also reminds us of Easter; colorful eggs and bunnies, always a treat for children and elders. It is also the perfect festive holiday season that gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones to enjoy joyful customs and welcoming the season with a smile on our faces. Being one of the best times to enjoy outside, spring can give you the perfect trip days. Take out your cars for long drives and picnics with your family and friends; or even hike shoes and set out for your wonderful adventure.

Amazing lake sceneries, lovely beaches and  breathtaking mountain views are surely worthwhile memories in your life that could be pulled off perfectly in this season.

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