Secret Admirer Note: 6 Templates (how to Write)

Though the thought of a secret admirer is fascinating, hiding your feeling and telling it to them secretly is definitely a task because at times, it freaks people out, which might end up breaching someone’s privacy.

Make sure you make them feel safe and loved, and then convey your message as best as possible.

How to Write Secret Admirer Note

  1. Choose your words carefully: Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Use descriptive language and be genuine in your expression.
  2. Consider your delivery method: You may want to deliver your note in person or leave it where your crush will find it. Think about what feels most comfortable for you and what will be most effective.
  3. Keep it short and sweet: A secret admirer note doesn’t have to be lengthy or overly complicated. A few sincere sentences can go a long way.
  4. Avoid revealing your identity: Since this is a secret admirer note, you may want to avoid revealing your identity. This can add to the mystery and excitement of the message.
  5. Sign off appropriately: Consider how you want to sign off your note. You can use a pseudonym or leave it unsigned.

Secret admirers usually know us or stay around us and have known the person for quite some time. Convey your love to them well so that your feelings are reciprocated.

Secret Admirer Note Template: 1

Hello Rose,

I know you will be shocked to receive this letter as, to date, I have not confessed how much I adore you. You are the love of my life. I think about you all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You mean absolutely everything to me.

You’re the best person I have ever known in my entire life, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. I LOVE YOU!!!

Every night you visit me in my dreams. Then I woke up crying because I know it was all just a fantasy. I can’t live without you anymore!!! But I’m too afraid to talk to you – I’m so scared you’ll reject me!”

If you think you can give me a chance, please call me on the number on the envelope. Sending you a token of my love. Stay happy and safe.

Your secret Admirer

secret admirer notes

Secret Admirer Note Template: 2

Just a few days back, I saw you beside the cafe in the central park. You must know that you really have a beautiful smile and I think I can do anything to see the smile.

You are one of the most modest people I have known in my life. With your support, I have started working towards my goal, and I will forever be thankful to you.

All these times when I was working with you, I never realized how much you mattered to me but now that you left our team, I have started missing you. There is a void that I think no one can fill other than you.

I have admired your capability to think out of the box, your thoughts that portray love and relationships as an essential part of life, and your respect for your fellow human.

I would always want you to stay happy and keep growing in life.

With lots of love and respect
Your secret admirer

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Secret Admirer Note Template: 3

Hello pretty lady,

This is so amazing that for a while in my life, I got an opportunity to work with you and know you in person. Your qualities are so unique that easily make you stand out from the crowd, and especially that spark in your eyes attracts the whole public towards you.

I could never gather the courage to come n tell this to you face to face, but I feel that I have started falling for you.

That one day when you came out of the blue and asked me if I would like to join the team for lunch changed so many things for me that I think words are not enough to express that.

Wishing you love and success in life. I wish that I would have the courage someday and ask you out. Till then, take care.

Regards and best wishes

Yours very close person

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Secret Admirer Note Template: 4

Hey Anderson,

I know you are shocked to receive this as you always used to say that never in life do you think someone will send you a letter telling you what you are.

You know what I have fallen for your imperfection, for the flaws that you flaunt, and for all the qualities that you have.

This all began at the office party where I actually met you, and since that day I feel that with you by my side I can do wonders in life because I see you encouraging people to pursue their dreams and then be happy.

You taught me what true friendship is and how selfless a person can be. I want to be your partner forever, but I think right now I need to work on myself to make myself a person capable enough to be with you. Take care, dear.

Will meet you soon.

Secret Lover

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Secret Admirer Note Template: 5

Hello girl,

Oh, please now don’t start panicking, just read through it, and maybe by the end you will be able to tell who am I, and if you fail, don’t worry next few letters will help you decode my identity.

You know I have loved how innocent you are. The day I met you in college and you were laughing wholeheartedly at a silly mistake that you made, I knew you were special, and with the time that passed, you proved that you have an X factor that everyone wants to be your friend.

You know I am jealous of your friends who get so much of your attention and get to meet you every now and then, and I have said this time and again that I would love to be your friend.

Kindly accept my proposal of being friends so that I can know you better Till then be careful and be safe. I would always want you to smile.

With love

Mr. X

secret admirer notes

Secret Admirer Note Template : 6

Hello Mac,

I would start by confessing that you are the man of my dreams, and I think I would never meet anyone as perfect as you. There are 100s of incidents that I can quote to tell how you have achieved so much in my thoughts.

From the day we met at our mutual friend’s party, I have stalked you from social media to your professional network and understood how technology is the inspiration for you and beaches are what makes you feel alive.

You are human with gratitude and compassion, and if I ever get the courage, I will come to kidnap you and get married of course, with your permission. Don’t worry I will stay around you and will keep you posted on what makes me fall in love with you.

Regards& Love

Your admirer

secret admirer notes

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