179+ Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

The final episode of Seinfield was aired in the year 1998.

Focused on the events and lives shared between 4 friends, every single character is required to deal with the absurdities of day-to-day life while residing in New York City.

Created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, lots of memorable moments have been shared on the screen.

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

-However, do you still rule your own territory?

-However, you had no other way but to eat the big salad.

-Two of my passions happen to be sex and food.

-He is nothing but a mimbo!

-For how long are you waiting here to squeeze that into a discussion?

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

-I can do nothing, not even spaghetti.

-I have no idea how you people manage to move about with all those staff.

-I need to concentrate. I am actually moving into soup mode.

-Last night, I dreamt that a hamburger was consuming me.

-I will go if there is no need for me to talk.

-I have no problems criticizing individuals behind their backs.

-I am totally speechless! I cannot talk!

-It is just like the hip musicians sporting their complex shoes.

-When you look at cleavage, it is almost as if you are staring at the sun. However, you should not stare at it since it will be very risky. You will get a feel of it, and then you stare away.

-Now be quiet!

-The body of the men is utilitarian. It is similar to a Jeep for getting around.

-What do you mean by this kind of salty discharge?

-Worlds are going to collide.

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

-Wow, that is potatoes in abundance.

-Currently, you really astounded me.

-Is it a fact that my Jesus fish was stolen by you?

-You know, it is not a fair thing to make the people sit first come, first served. It is the hungriest individual who said to get the first chance.

-But I don’t have any intention of being a pirate!

-I am in need of the protective package of jockeys. My boys require a house.

-Do you have any idea regarding the message you are actually delivering to the world wearing these sweatpants? You are informing the world that you are giving up and you cannot compete in normal society. Moreover, you are absolutely miserable, so I might as well be able to relax.

-While you appear to be angry at all times, individuals presume that you are occupied.

-you are killing Independent George!

-I had been right in the pool! There had been shrinkage!

-There is nobody who will ever want to reject a Junior Mint. It is peppermint along with chocolate; it is simply delicious!

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

-That is the genuine Christmas spirit; Individuals assisting individuals apart from me.

-Jerry, just try to recollect, it isn’t a lie in case you really believe it.

-She is amongst those individuals who talk low. It is impossible to hear what she is actually saying! You will always be saying, “what was that? Excuse me?”

-I am the type of person who runs away. In fact, it is one of those things that I do rather properly. My father had been a quitter, and so was my grandfather. I had been taught to quit.

-Never say “God bless you” in case you’d like to make some individual feel better. Rather, you should be asserting, “you are so handsome.”

-Maybe your baby was eaten by the dingo.

-The chip was double-dipped by you.

-Festivus for all the remaining of us!

-I am fond of a proper slumber. At times it is the one and only thing that helps me to get out of bed every morning.

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

-Why are the condom packets made so difficult to open by them?

-Perhaps for providing an opportunity for the lady to change her thoughts.

-For what reason is nice a bad thing? What type of hopeless society are we residing in when nice is not good?

-You are going to make your laundry over-dry.

-It will not be possible for you to over-dry.

-For what reason?

-For the same reason you are not able to over-wet.

-After calling me up at my workplace, she tells me “we need to talk”. 

-I must call Elaine.

-She is already out.

-You are actually wasting your life.

-No, I’m not. You might be calling it waste, but to me, it is living. I am happy with the way I am spending life.

-Do you have cash?


-Do you have any particular reason for just waking up in the morning?

-I love to hear the Daily News.

-This is not a proper time.

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

-When will it be a proper time to call back?

-An idea has come to my mind, you can easily give me your phone number so that I can call you back afterward.

-No, we do not have permission to do that.

-I think this is due to the fact that you do not like any unknown person to call you at home.

-Before, I’ve never helped in a birth and it is actually quite hopeless.

-Is it possible for you to die from a smell? What I mean is that in case you had been locked for a couple of weeks in a vomitorium, would it be possible for you to die from that smell?

-What I’m afraid of? Like you, I’m afraid of the same thing, that is everything.

-Diverse is quite difficult. Particularly when you have a kid. Obviously, you never know since I am the outcome of my dad and mom have stayed together.

-There is nobody who is in need of a vacation without any job. There is no need for you to get a break at 11.

-Why it always appears to me that some individual is performing something better on Saturday afternoons as compared to me?

-The name “Isosceles” appeals to me. In case I had a child, I would’ve named him so. Isosceles Kramer.

Best Seinfeld Quotes About Life

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