A Speech on “Sharks Should Be Protected”

We and specially our children love sharks because they are a real amazing creature on planet earth. They amazed us every time we see them whether it is on a TV channel or in real life and despite the facts we know about their nature and unreasonable fear that people have of sharks. For example, oh my God look at their damn jaws and teeth and all.

But sharks never really paid attention to this, they would honestly rather do their own thing which they have to do for themselves and are do not be surprised to know that they are actually afraid of people. I have been on many dives because I love it and some of those places were where a shark comes to gliding along but they strictly mind their own business and when I came to their glance they were like “nope, this is the wrong direction for me” and jets off in the other direction of mine.

However even if they were not cautious of us and even if they were not misinterpreted by us, still who are we to kill them on our own? They also have life which they want to live like we want to live our life happily without being disturbed by other creatures. Think of yourself in the place of a shark. First of all we are invading on their home and then thinking of killing them because we think they are dangerous for us. Then what are we? We are also danger of many animals. How about if they think of killing human beings. How would you feel? Not great I guess.

So who are we to go for slaughter a shark when there is a shark attack somewhere? Think with logic they are not coming to our land or territory to attack us intentionally but we are the ones and every time they attack we ate in their territory. Are not we provoking on them? As A scuba diver or as a snorkeler or as a surfers and spear fishermen, we make the active choice on our own to enter in their territory and therefore should accept the consequences of what we have done intentionally and because of what happens to us.

Now it’s time to stop, time to stop blaming those innocent creatures. We do not know that they actually help us and our environment a lot. The first reason is sharks help us to maintain reefs. They are a very important part of our ecosystem by maintaining the balance. They keep the reef eating fish populations in control by eating then and that, prevent the fishes that eat reefs from overeating the reef. If there is no population of sharks, then the populations of reef eating fishes will go high and the reef will get eaten away pretty quickly.

Imagine yourself in a lovely evening walking down the street with happy mind and minding your own business and suddenly someone drags you onto a dinghy and cuts your limbs off and leaves you face down in shallow water that is extremely cruel don’t ever do it.

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