Should All Interns Be Paid for Their Work? – Speech (592)

Good morning and welcome to one and all present here. I consider it my immense honor and feel grateful for being allowed to speak at this prestigious event. Being a part of this organization is a wonderful feeling in itself and now being provided this stage means, even more, an honor.

I remember working for this organization for the very first time; I started as an intern in the marketing department. Now that I am here celebrating the success of this organization, I can’t help but reminisce about my days here as an intern. It was my very first job and I was very excited to receive all the support and encouragement from my seniors here and what was even more exciting was the fact that I will be receiving a stipend, which will be my first earning ever.

This memory brings me to this often asked question; should all interns be paid for their work? Now that I am in the position of having interns work for me, I strongly believe that providing stipends and correct guidance is very much essential for the growth of the intern, not only as an employee but also as a person.

The morale boost and the growth in the confidence that comes along with being remunerated for the work you do in an organization cannot be explained in words. Looking at it from the perspective of an intern, stipends act as a main source of motivation and it is the motive for the interns to work better and it will push the interns to do a better job at work. Remunerations will also make them feel responsible at work and will give them the strength to stay concentrated and focused.

On the other hand, looking at this from the perspective of the employer, stipends are always a nominal amount and will not weigh down the employer a lot, and considering the fact they will receive great work delivered in such a nominal amount will always be a highlight of providing this amount and when you look at it like that it is a win-win situation for both the parties.

While some employers might hesitate to pay the interns, what they really should think about is; intern or not they are providing their services that will benefit the business and it is only right to pay the people who render their services for the benefit of the organization.

The day you start thinking of interns as individuals who add a certain value to your work, which is why you are hiring them, and not as mere kids and who expect some remuneration for their time and effort to help you; you would start seeing things as clearly as I do. Also, just because you did an unpaid internship in your time should not and cannot be the reason for this to continue if you fundamentally agree that to pay interns is a fair thing to do.

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