A Speech on “What 3 Skills Are the Most Valuable to An Employer?

After completing graduation and getting a degree from a reputed college every student feels very excited to explore a new world. He becomes excited to embark on a new career path with a degree in hand. But there is another hurdle to clear that is getting a good job after cracking an interview.

You may be confident that your education is going to give you the technical skills which are needed for an interview, but still the interview process concerns you. Interview processes at the best companies can be competitive and hard to crack.

There are some skills that employers look for in a candidate before hiring them in their companies. It is more than just the technical skills. Those abilities are expected from a candidate in order to fulfill the job duties. These skills are called “soft skills” which includes traits like teamwork, listening and communication. These little things make a big impact in the workplace. 

Employers put much stress on soft skills as they can teach technical skills to their employees but soft skills are much harder to teach or rather these skills cannot be taught to a person. The top three skills that an employer finds in an employee while hiring are as follows:

1. Communication/Critical thinking/Emotional Intelligence:

There is less possibility to get far in the workplace if you don’t have good communication ability. A good communication skill shows your ability of critical thinking and problem solving. When you are in a company you are bound to run into unexpected challenges and setbacks. Companies tend to rely more on employees who can communicate well and have the ability to solve difficult problems just by a good conversation. Company gets impressed with employees who find creative solutions to problems the company is facing.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions as well as the emotions of those around you. This is especially of much help in the workplace, where teams work together. One of the biggest signs of emotional intelligence is empathy.

2. Teamwork/Initiative/Time management:

There is no company in this world where you do not need to work in a team. Even positions with independent work still require you to work united in a team. It is often seen that employees that are able to work with others and understand their points of view, come up with creative solutions efficiently.

Hence you need to mention in your interview some instances where you worked well with a team, either in a school or in a past job.

Employers are always looking for hard-working employees who take initiative about finding new ways to help the company. 

Meeting deadlines is also an important factor in every industry. Especially for employees who are often juggling multiple projects at a time. 

You can start your interview simply by being on time. 

3. Digital literacy:

We are living in a technology-driven age which demands digital literacy in every profession. You need to be comfortable with computers and online research.

Nowadays digitally sound people have higher chances of getting selected in interviews than those who lack in digital literacy.

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