200+ Smile Status Ideas for WhatsApp That You Love

A smile isn’t just limited to a facial expression. It has the power to release happy chemicals into our minds.

Here is some of the amazing WhatsApp status on Smile that we have carefully crafted out for you- 

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messages to make someone smile

  • When confused, just put on a smile. It makes them confused too.

  • FYI: A smile won’t protect you against mosquitoes.

  • Life seems simple when I smile but not in the case of mathematics.

  • Often, people wonder why I am smiling. I smile more, making them wonder even more.

  • Yes, I am the one who knocks at your door to see your smile.

  • Don’t worry. Just smile even if your teeth are bad. 

  • I am scared for karma because I smiled at someone tripping instead of helping

  • People say to me to keep a straight face; well tell that to my face because it can’t hide my smile.

  • Smiling attracts friends, while scowling attracts wrinkles. Choose wisely.

  • Don’t give into frowning without using your reserved smiles.

  • Happiness is right under our house with a different name. It’s called Smile.

  • Do you know how to increase your face value? Just smile humans

  • Welcome to How to freak people out 101- The first lesson is smiling.

  • I like to be a carrier of an infectious smile

  • Sometimes, smiling will lead you to such places where you don’t want to go.

  • Smile at the danger because you never know the danger might go easy on you.

  • Teach animals to smile. I hope to get attacked by a smiling Tiger someday 

  • Can you get run over by a smile? I did

  • Put on a smile because the sunshine is good for your teeth.

  • Trust me, A smile works wonder with your family as well.

  • Not frowning, but Smiling is a wrinkle-free way to age. 

  • A smile will either piss your enemies off or warm their hearts. You win either way.

  • When you smile, you use seventeen muscles. When you frown, you use 43.

  • I don’t feel dressed until I give the mirror a smile.

  • Crying over a man is overrated because the next one will fall for my smile.
Smile Quotes

Romantic status for smile

  • Your one smile just changed my life

  • The best part about my day is coming home and seeing you smiling.

  • Your smile became my universe.

  • Sometimes smile is what paves the way for a beginning of a love story.

  • We are bounded by Science to think, yet we’re bounded by love to smile

  • They say miracles are rare, but I witness them when you smile.

  • There was not much to do today but to make her/him smile.
  • Only you can see the pain behind my smiles.

  • Hell feels close when I see your face without a smile.

  • You are the most beautiful because you always remember to smile

  • Your eyes have shown me my home, and your smile has made me find love.

  • My whole day of stress just vanishes when I see you smile

  • You are blessed with such a beautiful smile that even an angel would envy you.

  • I love those random memories of ours. It makes me smile with joy

  • You should wear that smile more often.  It makes you more beautiful

  • That smile, that damned smile, is why I am in love with you

  • What is that intoxicating thing which lingers and captivates my mind? Oh yeah, your smile.

  • I love you without makeup because your smile is enough 

  • My heart skips a beat when she smiles

  • Spend your life with someone who is the reason for your smile

  • I can’t put a price on your smile. 

  • Your smile gives me the wings to fly high.

  • With each smile, you leave your footprints on my heart

  • I see something more beautiful than the northern lights in his/her smile

  • Happiness is never far away from me when I see you put on a smile.

  • Neither the sky nor the clouds, it’s your smile that brings me closer to heaven.

  • Smiling is itself a language of love.

  • One thing that can never grow old is your smile
Smile Quotes

Mood-Boosting WhatsApp status on Smile

  • If beauty is power, then a smile is its sword.

  • No matter how sad you are feeling, a smile is worth trying for healing.

  • A smile can be the power that can make lives beautiful

  • A smile can cover the deepest wounds, but it is the smile that can heal those wounds

  • Don’t feel gloom because it’s over. Cherish the fact that it happened

  • They say to make someone smile every day but remember you’re someone too.

  • Never regret in life; just learn and grow with a smile on your face.

  • Treat life like you would treat a mirror. Give it a smile, and the mirror smiles back

  • We live to make life less difficult for each other. Do that with a smile

  • The dead cannot smile, so the living should

  • The world looks better when we put on a smile

  • All you need is a simple smile to open your heart and feel compassion.

  • No power can shake the heart that smiles.

  • Smile at your mind more often to reduce its tension.

  • With just a smile, you can speak the universal language of kindness

  • Smile is a bridge for your obstacles

  • Smiling is the best remedy you can use to enhance your face.

  • Become your greatest self and see the world smiling back at you.

  • It is your smile that has the power to brighten your darkest days

  • Smiling is a budget-friendly way to change your looks

  • You smile, not to show you’re happy. You smile to say you’re strong.

  • A kind word, a gentle look, and a warm smile can accomplish miracles.

  • Greet the morning with a smile and feel the change in your mind

  • A smile is the most attractive curve in this world

  • Fake your smile today, and someday it will be real.

  • A smile is a weapon you can use to manifest positivity.

  • I tried smiling my troubles away. It worked. You should try it

Messages to make someone smile

In this era of technology and the busy schedules of people, being there for someone and making them smile has faded.

No one realizes the need for such a thing. But, being able to make someone smile through short messages can also enlighten someone’s mood.

So, using technology as a friend in need, send these short messages to your loved ones to carve a smile on their faces.

  • Your smile is contagious. – Science says you’re right.

  • Is that dictionary meaning next to the word ‘charming’ written for you?

  • You are an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • The inner you is even more beautiful than your outside. 

  • You are like the sun on a rainy day.

Smile about WhatsApp

While everyone is goal-oriented, the need for personal space and happiness has been suppressed.

It seems as if people have forgotten to smile and do things that make them happy. So to remind you of the lost smile on your face, it is necessary to be around such sayings.

Using Whatsapp as a tool, you can easily do that. Put up this smile-worthy About on your WhatsApp and smile as much as you want!

  • I’m excited. I laugh a lot, I win a lot, and I am sexy.

  • And when you look at me, smile. Maybe hug me. It’s also important to me.

  • It doesn’t really matter who hurt you or let you down. What matters is who made you smile again. 

  • Keep smiling, and one day I’ll get sick of pissing you off.

  • I prefer to smile in the darkest hours. Just to show life that it screwed up the wrong person.

Smile messages

If you get a chance to be the reason for someone’s happiness and joy, would you let go of the opportunity? A dumb person would say yes!

The happiness of yourself that lies beneath the smile of your loved ones is hard to put into words.

For being your well-wishers, we must keep your happiness in check! So, get your hands on these messages and make yourself and your loved ones smile a little more.

  • A smile costs less than your electricity bill but gives off more light. Keep smiling and prove you’re the world’s best pear!
  • Don’t frown when you’re sad. I don’t know who will fall in love with your smile.
  • We all need someone to make us laugh when we think we can never smile again.
  • Everyone makes me smile and cry, But you are an important person in my life. You make me smile with tears.
  • I wanted to send you something very sweet, so I sent you a big smile and a lot of wishes for a wonderful day.

Thank you for making me smile messages

Expressing your gratitude to someone who has made efforts to put up a smile on your face is necessary

Someone who truly worries about you and cares for you would do such a thing. To thank them, you should take the initiative and make them smile in turn.

An eye for an eye? Yes. So, check these messages and pick the best one that suits your needs to make them smile.

  • A smile can speak a thousand emotions. Happiness, love, joy, gratitude. Thank you for teaching me these beautiful words that make me smile.

  • If I were asked to choose the emoji that best describes how I feel about you, I would choose all smileys. You make me smile the best.

  • I always smile whenever I talk to you, so you always hear a smile in my voice. This is exactly the case, so I look forward to working with you. 

  • I think you have a little magic. Every time I lose, you find my smile and give it back to me. I don’t know where my smile is without you.

  • A superhero with the power to make the world smile is what the world needs. You will get there! In the meantime, I really want to thank you for being my superhero!

I love your smile messages

People rarely care to tell you that they love your smile. No one cares nowadays. But, if you have someone who does take care of these small things, you are blessed with an angel!

And if you are looking for some messages to tell someone that you love their smile, we have your back! Below are the most heartwarming messages that will make them smile and blush more than ever! Go ahead and make your move.

  • I love it when you smile. Somehow when you smile, I want my pearly whites to flash and light up your world.

  • I love your smile; it makes me smile. I love your hugs; they make me feel at ease. I love your kisses. I love you!

  • I love it when you smile. It makes me smile. Your beautiful sweet smile melts my heart. I want to see it every day for the rest of my life.

  • Your smile makes my day ten times better. I love it every time you flash it!

  • I like your smile. I love how you feel when you hold me. I will always protect you. You are the light of my world.

Thank you for your smile

Appreciating people for their efforts is a rare thing nowadays. If they put in efforts to brighten up your day and make you smile after a rough day, you know they are gems.

But letting them know that you are grateful for their little gestures is important. So, without any hesitation, just get hold of a message to thank them and make them smile as they do.

  • I want to pay my thanks for always making me happy and smiling. Thank you for being a such great support, my friend.

  • Thank you for taking the time for a pleasant walk in the park. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and always look forward to our pleasant conversations.

  • Thank you for making me smile, for putting a smile on my face, and for joy in my heart. I feel lucky and lucky to have known you.

  • Thanks for making me laugh. I forget all my problems when I talk to you. Every day is more fun when you go out and play together. Thank you very much!

  • You make me smile every night when I get home. I can’t wait to see you when my day is over.

Thank you for making me smile

If your heart appreciates the smile your loved ones put on your face through their messages, then you must convey your thanksgiving to them because that’s how it should be. Receiving and not giving is a total injustice.

If you feel content, just express it and say to them that you are thankful for their efforts to make you smile.

  • Support. Inspiration. Love. Excitement. That’s what you give me, SMILE – a thousand smiles that light up my face every time I think of you. Thank you very much.

  • I’ve laughed a lot more since you came. You bring sunshine and joy into my life.

  • I can’t help but smile whenever I think of you. Thank you for brightening my day without you.

  • You Came Into My Life As a Light, And You Stayed! Your kind words and laughter make me smile every day. I appreciate you being here.

  • You always seem to be making lighthearted jokes about how I feel. Thank you for making me laugh; thank you so much.

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