Typical Social Roles We Expect from Men and Women in Society

We say that everything is subjective and a person’s feelings and actions are his/her own choice and perception. But is it so? Aren’t we all subject to society’s construction of what to and what not to do? What to think and what not to think?

At the end of the day don’t we all submit to these norms and do what others might think is right? Aren’t we all chained to the destiny that this collective population creates for us?

People say they believe in equality and not in feminism. That itself shows how much the concept has deviated from its original purpose.

According to many people, which include both men and women, women have to be submissive and respect men without back answering and questioning them.

If you are a woman, I’m sure you must have heard the phrases “Girls should get up early in the morning”, “Girls shouldn’t sit cross-legged or with their legs open”, “You are a girl so you should know how to cook and clean”, “Girls shouldn’t go out at night”, “Girls shouldn’t laugh or talk loud”, and so many more, on repeat. When we were children, did we ever think of anyone as a man or woman and treat them differently?

Everyone was the same for us. What changed us so drastically? I can say it is the work of the society which includes you and me into perfectly shaping the society giving very specific roles to men and women and dividing them into two groups, where one dominates the other. Is that the ultimate aim of a woman’s life to get married to a wealthy strong man, be his child-bearer, and spend the rest of her life in his kitchen? Women are supposed to have dreams of their own.

Pursue your career and stand on your own. Don’t wait for your Prince Charming to come and rescue you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. 

Men are also subjected to various social roles. They are supposed to be the breadwinners of the family take care of the household and provide for their wives and children. They should also have a physique that shows that they are capable to do so.

They must have huge muscles and be well-built whereas women should be lean like an hourglass.

Men are expected to be mentally strong and should never cry. They should not be interested in matters like the choice of clothes or colors like women as it will make them less manly.

They should prove their dominance over women otherwise they will be mocked and made to feel inferior by others. They are supposed to be subtle to emotions but should be angry.

It is also okay to shout at their woman in public because after all, they are men and they should be doing that. No one has the right to tell you what you should do. Break these immature stereotypes and live the way you want. Thank you.

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