Friendship for School Kids Essay Templates (in English)

Best Speech About Friendship for School Kids

We are gathered here on this special occasion of friendship day. Today by giving you my heartfelt thanks, I want to start my speech on Friendship and its importance in our life.

A friend is a most precious gift for us from god. We should always understand the importance and great value of a good friend. Friendship is a pure relationship where no blood relation exists, but it gives you the feeling of a relative or more than a relative. It is a special relationship that continues forever without the rule of giving and taking. It is the unique relation of mutual love and affection to any other person.

True Friendship never fears the boundaries like the caste, creed, religion, and color of a person; it only sees the internal beauty and the good soul of the person who is going to be involved in the friendship relationship.

A friend is someone with whom one may feel comfort and trust for each other and can freely share their thoughts, ideas, and personal feelings. A friend is the one and the only person with whom we can feel safe and sound, and they always help us. Good and real friends are involved in the relationship, which requires selfless love for each other and can understand each other in each and every situation.

A true friend always stands by your side and helps you whenever you need them. A true friend never cares about his/ her personal gains and tries to help friends in any possible way. It is said that hard times show the real value of true friends in one’s life. Actually, in  difficult times we can realize the value and importance of true friends. The people having true friends in life are blessed.

True friends, regardless of the number, are enough to live our whole life happily, instead of having many friends who never truly care for us in times of need. Friends are real and all-time supporters in life. They are our real well-wishers who can scold us for our own good.

We always face many difficulties in living a social life which needs our strong emotional and moral support. In such unwanted conditions, our true friends play a  great role in helping us.

A good friend is a person with whom we can share our every small and big secret. Therefore we should always love and cherish the good friends of our life, thus living a happy life.

Thank you, everyone.


Good morning everyone; today. We all are gathered here to acknowledge the unique relationship of the world called friendship. 

Friendship is a unique bond, and people should preserve it. 

We meet thousands of people in our lives, but some become special. These are called friends. They stay with you through good and bad times. But, unfortunately, not everyone gets a loyal friend in this life. A friend should be cherished and protected well. He should be supported the same way he does it. 

It is lucky for people to have friends or just one friend. To have someone to chat with and share your thoughts and worries. This bond is not just special; it is also a blessing to have someone to trust in this world.


Having a friend makes you normal but having a true friend makes you special. A true friend trusts you and is always there when you need them. Friendship is a relationship where you love to stay with that person and share your day-to-day details and problems. A person who makes you feel at home. 

Friendship is something not everyone can maintain as it goes through a lot. Trusting the one who understands you even when the whole world is against you. Only a friend knows how much pain and desire you have been hiding within you.


In this moving world, where everyone thinks of their own life and happiness. A friend is a person who can be selfish but for your good. A friend trusts you and puts in all efforts for your happiness. He takes punishments on behalf of you, trying to make you happy. Be your support when you are down. Certain feelings are reserved for someone who stood against everyone for you. That person is a true friend, and that bond is friendship. 

When you have a friend to chat with whenever you want to, you should appreciate their time and efforts. Unfortunately, not everyone puts aside their chores to listen to others’ problems besides family. Those people who don’t have a family feel the luckiest to have a friend. 


As said, a friend in need is a friend indeed. But friendships can be fragile. The world is a marathon; the one who runs slow after you just because you cannot run fast enough or takes you by hand to keep pace with the world is a friend. People grow old, and so are their relations. But friendship is a bond that, if maintained, becomes gold over the years. 

People take friends for granted, thinking they are just people listening to them. But unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy this company. I am blessed to have a friend who listens to all the nonsense I talk about and who cares for me. Who supports me in all my life decisions and helps me move to be better in life.


A feeling of having someone to talk to, trust, and care about without any reason, is what friendship depicts. Friendship makes the heart grow fonder of love and compassion. This is the purest form of love after the family. Friends stay forever if they are considerate enough to cherish their presence. Friends add joy to life. They give you a thousand reasons to smile and a thousand memories to look back at. 

Friendship is like being on vacation with the best person in your life, even at times of work. Having a friend is equal to having a soulmate. 


Friendship is a bond between two or many people built on trust and hope. Hope never to lose each other’s company. Friends make lame jokes and talk all nonsense to see a smile on your face. Friends are those who get into fights for you and get you out of fights when needed. 

A friend is the one who claps for your achievements and scolds you for your faults. True friends always wish for success and happiness for each other. They help each other to work hard for a better future. They share their inner feelings about the world and find solutions to problems together.



Friendship, in worldly terms, is a bond, an unbreakable relationship. On the contrary, in grammar, it is a noun. A word describes a simple bond between two people who share happiness and problems. A bond is built out of the social circle in schools and colleges through social media. This is pure care and self-love to have a best friend. 


Friendship brings hundreds of reasons to smile and laugh. It gives moments of joy and different experiences which are worth remembering. A true friend and a long-lasting friendship are sweet and beautiful. It is full of various stories from the past. 


Man makes technology to ease out work and socialize with different people. Unfortunately, people often cannot give sufficient time to friendships outside their smartphones. This makes the friendship built on real scenarios fade. Technology can provide you with good friends or no friends at all. 


Friendship is something based on trust and belief. Trust that the other person will not harm you. Once this trust is gone, it is hard to win the same person back. It’s hard to rebuild the same old friendship but not impossible. If tried with the best of your heart and hard work, it is possible. But this takes a lot of time.

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