A Speech About Life In English

Speech About Life

Good (—). Today I would like to speak in brief about life. Life is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Each day reminds us of how blessed we are to live here amidst all these beautiful people. Life is different for each person. It may not be a bed of roses for everyone, but it may be filled with thorns, also.

Some people excel at making the best out of every situation that life gives them through their positive outlook toward life. Some people will be unable to handle it and may think or attempt to end it. 

We go through different stages of life. Each stage has something different to teach us. Sometimes we may have to unlearn what a stage taught us to survive in the next one. I feel that life is a book where you have to go through each page and each chapter to get to the next one. Each page gives you new knowledge and insight.

Sometimes, we may get hints as to what may happen in the future, sometimes, it takes us there by surprise, and sometimes, we may not end up where we thought we would. Some people are open books, while some would rather prefer it to be kept close. Each person has a different life; one cannot completely know and understand what is happening in the other person’s life, no matter how close you are. 

We all may have different people who help us in our journey. You may have parents, relatives, friends, spouses, teachers, and many others to support you, put you down, bring you up, care for you, hurt you, and so on. Most people are not permanent in our life. They come and go like some minor characters in a novel.

Some people stay for a longer time, and we become so dependent on them that the moment they leave us, we feel as if it is the end of our life. But your life is so much more than the people you have or had with you. 

You need to have a purpose for your life. Identify what it is and work for it. Make your life on earth worth it. Find ways to be happy and proud of yourself. Love yourself and the others around you. Try to make others happy. Help others. Explore the beautiful world you have been given with your loved ones and make memories. As we all know, life is not always dreamy. We will have to face obstacles. But know that this too shall pass.

Consider it as a part of your life and learn lessons from it instead of being depressed or blaming others for your fall. Know what and whom to spend your energy on. Give your time to those who deserve it. You are so blessed to breathe today while millions have struggled for one last breath. Love your life and embrace it while you can.


Everyone is fighting for a better life in this world. But unfortunately, not everyone gets to live their choice. For some people, dreams are thoughts and aspirations for a better life, not reality. Many people don’t even realize the time and effort needed to achieve their goals. 

Some still don’t have a particular ambition in their life. They are just living it and wasting it. It would help if you worked hard to keep up with the moving world and achieve everything you have dreamt of. Good things take time to happen. Believe in yourself and keep working in the direction of your choice, and you will be able to achieve everything you need.


Life is never fair. It can be on your side if you work hard for it. People can be whoever they want to be. Not all successful people are born with a silver spoon; some work their way up to the top. Initially, everyone’s the same, but what makes them different is their mindset and their view of life. Keeping your goals clear, working hard, and having a positive attitude toward life can make you successful. 

This world is full of competition; to win, you have to play fair and pay a reasonable price. Nothing comes for free; the price can be your time, money, and interest.  


Becoming successful is not hard; it is hard to maintain it. People with situational problems should have the courage to face them and find solutions to work with them. Excuses will not lead us anywhere. Instead, people should focus on how to manage things at hand efficiently. 

Success comes with pain. To be successful requires you to work endlessly and face all the challenges which come your way. It would help if you also were determined to fulfill your dreams. Keep fighting because you have to earn your success.


Life is too short of achieving all. Life is meaningless without a purpose, and this purpose comes with discipline. One should be disciplined enough to handle matters to achieve something in life. It becomes easy for those who fight for it. Valuing time and money is a part of becoming disciplined. Success is not one-night magic. It takes years of effort and sleepless nights. 

One should clear his mind and have a positive attitude towards life to work accordingly. Even after becoming successful, one should keep working to maintain that position. 


To be successful is everyone’s dream. But not all make it to the top. A student works all day at school and then grounds. This normal routine will not get them success. Discipline in life and work helps them to get one step closer to their dream. Dreams are supposed to become a reality, but it requires an endeavor to fulfill them. 

When people don’t take life seriously, life has its way of teaching them. Learning from experience and knowledge helps to secure a bright future. Keep fighting for your dreams. Then only they will come true. 



Life is all about enjoying every moment of it. But to enjoy it, one should work for it. Life is not easy, and parents won’t support life forever. People should stand on their feet and face the world. Life is meaningless without a motive or goal to accomplish. The struggle is also a part of life and holds your strength and patience.


Life is a journey that is needed to be lived and remembered. To make life beautiful and victorious, one should work hard and fight for their dreams and ambitions. Become someone worth remembering and successful enough to satisfy their needs. The world acknowledges people with worth. 


Life is interesting if you live it. To live fully, we should appreciate everything we have and strive for better. People should cherish every opportunity and work to make life better. Life is all about learning who we are and how to become a better person. Fulfilling your dreams and desires is a part. 

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