A Speech for Labor’s Day

“Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them.”- Joseph Joubert.

How will you feel if someone told you to work for 5 days a week and for 15 hours a day? Would you want to work for such long hours, without proper wages and in really dangerous conditions? 

Something similar was the condition of the laborers in the US in the 19th century. During that period, industrialists used to exploit the laborers. They had to work in very unsafe conditions with very dangerous machines. Even if there were accidents, the industrialists would not even care to show sympathy. 

They were not given proper wages, neither proper leaves. Hence, the workers had gathered peacefully in Chicago on 4th May, 1886, also known as the Haymarket Affair- to protest for their safety, eight-hour work conditions and paid leaves. But unfortunately, an unidentified person threw a bomb. The police fired at the workers which led to several deaths and many injured. To commemorate this event- Labor Day is celebrated on 1st May across more than 80 countries in the world.

This has shown the strength of the workers and what they can do if they come together. It has put a different outlook towards the labor after this protest. Any kind of worker without any discrimination class, gender, color, etc. will get holiday on 1st May. 

On this day, the rights of the workers and their needs are in focus. This is the day when workers are recognized and encouraged to keep up with their hard work. Many programs are held and organizations work on the improvement of the work environments and the living standards of their workers.

The International Labor Organization (ILO)- a part of the United Nations Organization, conducts rallies and marches to create awareness about issues that the workers have to deal with- like the minimum wage law or the rights of migrant workers. The organization is trying their best for the upliftment of the workers and their conditions. 

Many workers, trade unions and labor organizations also participate in various processions to defend their rights and interests. Many companies also organize programs and contests which include the participation of children to understand the bond of togetherness and Unity. Many political party leaders give public speeches in order to celebrate this day. 

It is very important to celebrate a day like this. Workers often feel ignored even though they almost sacrifice their life for their work. This day is to make them feel respected for all the sacrifices they make and all the work they do throughout the year. The whole economy depends on their work and their efforts. It will help them to feel motivated and work better.

Altogether it’s a day where we recognize the efforts and hard works of million workers ,who are giving their best every day to develop the economy , the world. Without them a country wouldn’t run or progress.  

Thank you , it was a very important topic to talk about and I’m grateful that I could present a speech about it. Time is short and I don’t want waste it. I would finish by thanking all of you here once again.

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