A Speech on Books Template

At first I want to convey my warm welcome to all my teachers and dear friends present here today. I am very happy to be able to deliver my speech on books. Books are like our most trustworthy friend with no demands or complaints.

They improve and increase our knowledge, wisdom, information, communication power, and helping us in walking in the right direction in our life.

Books are the best option for any readers for collecting information on all issues and topics. Numerous great Authors, writers, and poets put all their emotions, thoughts and experience to make books important and beneficial for all of us.

The books continuously extract the treasures of art, literature, science, and philosophy for us and help us in various ways. Books pass the knowledge from generation to generation which greatly helps in the growth and progress of civilizations of any country.

Types of Books

Basically two types of books can be found, one is fictional and other is non-fictional. Fictional books are completely based on the author’s imagination and ideas, on the other hand, non-fictional are about a particular person, story, News or information. People of different ages and different mindsets prefers different types of books like religious, comical, fantasy and educational as per their choices.

The business magazines and journals are preferred by the corporate world. Books can teaches us about numerous subjects like, educational and guides, horoscope and scientific, articles and essays and many more.

Books can be used as per the different choices of different people, like, students prefer educational books, and kids prefer stories and fantasy books, while the mature people prefer the literature and novelistic books.

Advantages of Reading Books

The practice of reading books helps us in our education and in increasing our knowledge. Books also help to change our physical and mental condition while making us happy and pleased.

We feel fresh and happy after reading a good book. When we feel upset and negativity starts affecting us, books prove to be our best guide, friend and moral supporter. In our lifetime we will not feel lonely if we have a good book with us. The kingdom of books is vast providing pleasant pastime for many of us.

Books help us in building our positive views and also help in the research and knowledge of many persons. Books are our most loyal friends as they help enrich our thoughts at any time according our wishes. They inspire us to fight the difficulties of our lives and achieve some great things in life.


In the modern lifestyle, because of the advancement of science and technology, the utility and need of books is getting down. People are relying more on the Internet and social media platforms to gain knowledge within a short time. We must understand that Google gives us knowledge but books us wisdom and also mental pleasure.

Therefore we have to alert everyone about the great importance of reading books in our entire life, as this helps us in becoming a responsible and worthy person in our life.

Thanks you.

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