Speech on Corruption: 2 Templates

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Speech On Corruption Template

Corruption is the meaning of displaying any dishonest, unethical or illegal behavior, activities or practices that result in the gain of some powerful organization or people, whereas the loss of the common people. Thus, corruption often becomes the main cause of the loss of the weaker section of the society or organization. There can be various examples and forms of corruption in any country.

It includes some major problems of the society like extortion, nepotism, parochialism, bribery, patronage, cronyism, etc. Corruption may lead to various illegal and harmful practices like drug trafficking, money laundering, police brutality, repression of opponents, etc.

Various types of Corruption

Bribe means a form of payment made to any official for the exchange of use of his official powers, which is an illegal practice according to the laws of our country. It requires two groups: the one who pays for any help or favor and the one who accepts the payment for greed.

Influence peddling is the process where a person or organization sells their influence over the decision-making process to help in the profit of another party. By the means of nepotism many incompetent and unworthy people are leaders in the system over the talented ones.

Illegal interference with the election process is Electoral fraud. The theft of the public funds for personal benefit of any authority is called as Embezzlement.

Effects of Corruption

 Corruption becomes a major problem for the smooth progress of law and democracy. The political system loses its credibility and worth when power is used for personal gains.

It decreases and creates deficit in the national wealth of any country. The progress of the citizens and the societies are hindered for the benefit of the personal profit of some officials, therefore, leads to the misuse of national wealth. The citizen and society gives up trust in the laws of the system.

This makes it even more problematic and tough to clear the dirt of corruption from the system. Corruption is another cause of the misuse of precious natural resources. This results in the imbalance within the ecological systems.

Ways to fight Corruption

There are many different ways to fight the corruption. Government have to take a major and effective role in the process. Enforcing some effective laws is the primary key to ensure the corrupt culprit is punished severely, thus stops him from committing any crime again in the future. For this purpose, we need a strong and commanding legal step.

Steps should take to give proper focus on improving financial management which will help in blocking the path of corruption. This should include transparent budgeting by the local governments. Some steps should be taken to build a strong mutual trust between the government and the citizens to stop the rapid progress of corruption.


To conclude we can say that, corruption is the biggest and the most powerful devil of any society. All countries should take necessary steps to eliminate this rapidly increasing problem.

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Speech on Corruption Template

In recent times due to which When we hear the word correction, the mind of the general public thinks about the underdeveloped countries of the third world. Yes, third-world countries or underdeveloped countries have a high rate of corruption, but that does not mean that the developed or metropolitanized countries are free from it. Recent investigation and their reports have brought the fact of corruption into the limelight and showed us that corruption has infected large range of nations including both highly advanced nations as well as third world countries with its sicknesses.

According to the records of statistical studies, approximately two-third part of the world is contaminated with corruption at several levels of government. Cheating in the voting system, bribery, and misuse of power are a few of the common factors on which the level of corruption within the public sector of a nation is rated. Afghanistan, Sudan, North Korea, and Somalia have been listed as the most corrupt count in the United, whole world, on the basis of the criteria mentioned above.

Indeed, corruption has occurred as a rising danger in the United States that is rapidly contaminating various sectors of the country. Bribery, secret businesses, exploitation of power are very common forms of misdeed and these things have been observed as the most broad and popular aspects of corruption being practiced at the level of government.

These forms of transgression have been observed at different levels of government, ranging from regional public departments to the national level of government, this corruption has now affected the entire system of almost every nation of this world. As an expansion, the ever-evolving issue of systematic fraud and drug trafficking is also adding on to the difficulties of corruption on different levels.

The continual and quickly evolving media coverage has also greatly participated to the problem of corruption. This is especially because the media broadcast has taken the attention of the people of the nation and the elected officials, who are also active in getting attention and importance rather than having their main priority on serving the population of the nation for which they have been elected.

Earning money and career through media content has become their main motive of life instead of doing duties of elected officials this is one of the reasons why the officials overlooking on their terms of service.

Corruption is not only destroys the economic situation and infrastructure of the country overall but, the taxpayers also come under its drastic consequences. The levels of increasing corruption are only hampering the economy of a nation, as the government officials are being identified to be tolerant in chopping down the spending. As a result of it, the relationship between the world’s various countries is affected. Also, this serious problem has also led the nation to acquire huge debts that have never been detected in the past of the U.S.

To put the whole thing in a nutshell, it can be differentiated that heightening levels of corruption is overwhelmingly influencing the life of people and various countries across the world. 

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