A Speech on Disaster Management

You are all welcome here today to attend my speech on the Disaster management. Thank you all for coming.

About disaster

First of all we have to know what disaster is. A disaster is calamitous and sudden incident that severely damages the workings of a society and causes human and economic or environmental losses that exceeds the society’s capacity to cope up by using its resources and powers. Though some of these disasters can be the results of human practice.

Some of these disasters can be mentioned as floods, earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanic eruption. Some of these disasters can be manmade like technological and industrial accidents. This causes great harms and numerous deaths within a very short period of time.

One big cause of the disasters can be the polluted environment which produces the imbalance in the nature resulting in the increase in the summer days and decrease of the winter.

Now, Disaster management can be described as the group or management of resources for dealing with all steps of emergencies, in order to cope up with the impact of disasters and rescue the victims. This management helps in decreasing the risk and loses of disaster. Though the disaster management can-not stop the disaster but it can deal with those disasters very effectively and efficiently. It helps in minimizing the disastrous impacts.

Disasters can be mainly of three types 1) natural 2) man-made 3) hybrid. All of these can be very harmful for the living and non-living beings of earth resulting in direct or indirect destruction, damage and deaths.

Importance of disaster management

It is a very importance thing to lead a less hazardous life. It also helps in providing medicines and medical treatments to the victims to help them fight against the aftereffect of the disaster.

Disaster can also be man-made failures like the Bhopal gas tragedy or Fukushima nuclear power plant, leading to a great damage to great losses. It can also happen like the deaths from epidemic diseases.

Some of the effective managements can be proper management group and usage of proper mechanisms. Some of the key components to an effective emergency management plan can be- clear communication which helps in alerting them about the impending danger.

Giving proper training and knowledge to the members of the management group to help them in doing their work better.

Another plan can be the good use of the well programed and advanced machineries to help the victims immensely. Those well trained professionals not only help the victims to cope up with the physical problem but also with the mental and emotional problems.

Various activities need to be executed properly in the time of the accidents. Like full control and command of the overall accidental situation. Timely restoration of telecom and transportation systems and sufficient supply of drinking water and food at the damaged areas.


Hence I want to say that Disaster management is a well-planned and properly coordinated group effort to help our fellow citizens at and after the time of a devastating and life threatening incident. We all must help in the success of this process.

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