A Speech on Health and Fitness

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here.Today I would like to speak about health and fitness and why it is important in our lives. Physical activities can improve our health and can help us in maintaining our mental as well as physical health. Exercising daily can help us in staying active and maintain a composed state of mind.

The saying “Health is wealth” is very appropriate in the current lifestyle that is being followed. This saying is accurate as it helps in maintaining not only physical but also spiritual well being of the person. Exercising daily can help not only in reducing weight but also in lowering the risk of diseases. It also helps a person in having higher immunity and thus helps in reducing the risk of being prone to diseases. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps in reducing blood pressure and improving heart health. It also helps in improving the quality of our sleep.

Having a good sleep is also important in attaining the perfect level of fitness and maintaining health. It is not only important but also essential and yet it’s the most ignored concept in this busy world of urs where people are letting go of their sleep and are running behind their duties and responsibilities and without their knowledge they themselves are pushing their body to the point of being unfit for carrying out their duties.

Another main important reason why maintaining good health is that it helps in improving the memory and functions of the brain. It is important to keep in mind that a healthy mind only resides in a healthy body. Having a healthy body will help us in achieving a healthy lifestyle and in maintaining the right level of fitness. It is also important to safeguard our body against substances that are harmful for our body.

This can be achieved with the help of regular exercise, which will help us in staying active and in completing our jobs on time. Exercising regularly and having a healthy diet helps us in staying happy and in avoiding unnecessary stress which is not useful for our body as well as our mind.

When one talks about having a healthy diet and a fitness regime to workout to, they often mention the benefits it has on the body and they often overlook the benefits the healthy lifestyle is having on that individual’s mind. Like I mentioned earlier, it is important to have a healthy mind and in the current global scenario where the talk of mental health is being put in the limelight, it is important to realise that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean a healthy body but also a healthy mind.

The excessive usage of fast food, lack of sleep, and the continuous stress and pressure a person experiences can all contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle which will eventually take a toll on the fitness level of the individual and will leave a lasting effect on their life.

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