A Speech on World Population Day Template

Good morning to everyone. Today I thank all of you to give me this opportunity to express my thoughts about the World Population Day before all of you.

The date 11th July is considered as the World Population day, all across the world. This day was regarded and announced as the World population day since 1987 by the United Nations organization. The main goal and target o this day is to make everyone aware about the issue of the world’s growing population.

The population of the globe has been increasing rapidly since the birth of human life on this earth. At first in the starting of 1800 the population was listed as 1 billion. But by the starting of the year 2000, the population had increased to the large number of 6 billion inhabitants. At the year of 2018, the world population extended to the number of 75. 53 million.

In the year of 1987, on the day of 11th July, the population of our world reached the incredible number of 5 billion people, from that day the United Nations declared the date of 11th July as the World Population Day. From that day, every year we remember this day as the population day of our world.

The rapid growth in the number of the population has been the matter of our great concern. The numbers is increasing each and every day, but the resources to continue our healthy life remain static and irreproducible. The growth in the population can be described as in the year 1927 the population crossed 2 billion numbers, at the year 1999 it was recorded as the 6 billion people. This only shows and confirms the rapid growth in the increasing rate and speed in the number of the population.

The motive of this day is to remind everyone about the result that an unstoppable population count can have a great adverse impact on the surarounding environment and also in our lives. As the natural resources are limited the huge growth in the population rate will not be able to get the resources after some period of time. The earth will soon run out of natural resources by causing us unbelievable harm.

It is of great urgency to keep the population under check every time. Natural resources such as, Land, water and Air all are limited; we are unable to produce them manually as per our desire. Among the 225 countries around the globe, China records the largest population, and then comes India. The growing population adds a huge strain on the earth and its environment causing damages as well.

The governments of each and every country should try their best to come up with some effective schemes and good policies to control and sustain the growth rate of the population. If it cannot be controlled and sustained quickly, the rapid growth of the population of the world will definitely show us some unbearable adverse situations that await us in the future.

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