A Speech on Yoga

Good morning to one and all present here. I deem it my extreme honor to welcome each and everyone of you to this event that has been organised with an aim to celebrate and embrace a healthy lifestyle. When one talks about a healthy lifestyle in the twenty-first century, the most common topic that comes into the conversation is the practice of yoga.

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of fitness regime that is being practiced all across the globe in recent times. When most people consider yoga to be a practice that helps them maintain their fitness level, there is another group of people for whom yoga is so much more than that. For a vast majority of people yoga is a way to discover self and it in itself is a way of life.

Even though yoga originated from the Indian culture, it is no longer confined to the boundaries of India and the widespread practice of it is because of the benefits one can derive from its practice. It is a method of life where people learnt to find the right balance between their mind and their body. The health benefits that one can attain from daily practice and inducing yoga into their lifestyle is innumerable and it is one of the main reasons why it has gained such wide popularity among a large number of people from heterogeneous backgrounds.

Yoga acts as a method that one can use to achieve a calm and peaceful mind and nowadays it is being recommended by medical professionals to fight some of the mental health disorders. Yoga provides one with the mental and physical energy that is needed to handle the stress of work and personal lives.

The benefit of yoga is not only confined to reducing stress and providing calmness of the mind, it is also used to fight diseases like cholesterol and diabetes, and it has been proven to be fruitful in helping one fight these diseases. Yoga has a very holistic approach towards life; it uses various mantras, postures and meditation techniques to bring a complete and overall development in the life of a person practicing yoga.

It is very deeply connected with the concept of spirituality as yoga is said to heal not only the body but the soul as well and this is exactly the reason why yoga has gained so much popularity over the years as it is essential to take care of your mind along with your body in these recent times. Different forms of lifestyle and fitness routines come and go but yoga has stayed in trend for almost 500 years now and that is enough to prove the importance and capacity of yoga to adapt to various lifestyle forms yet impart numerous benefits.

People all across the globe are, slowly yet surely, realising the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and the holistic approach of yoga with its right blend between mind and body caters to.

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