151+ Famous Stephen Hawking Quotes About Life And God

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who passed away on Wednesday just at the age of 76, fascinated people all over the entire planet with his research and lectures on the universe, its duration, and the universe.

His greatness bolstered our insight into the multiverse and our position within it, and he had a gift for making his ground-breaking research understandable to a larger audience.

He gained a reputation for having a quick wit and humor all through his illustrious career, which he frequently displayed at conferences and during press interviews. He also shared his thoughts on a wide range of topics.

Here Are Famous Stephen Hawking Quotes About Life And God

We are merely a civilized species of monkeys living on a small planet under an unremarkable star. But we can comprehend the cosmos. That makes us extremely unique. 

Ignorance is not the biggest enemy of awareness; rather, it is the hallucination of knowledge. 

The rowdiest minds are those of the most reserved people. 

If there were no humor in life, it would be tragic. 

Understanding how change can be adapted is intellect. 

The lack of interest we show in subjects like quantum mechanics, space, the universe, and the epistemology of our presence, purpose, and ultimate goal astounds me. There are crazy people all around. Be enquiring 

When I was 21, my preconceptions were eliminated. Since then, everything has been a reward.

Some people believe intelligent life has not yet appeared on Earth, but it is possible that in the universe, primitive life is indeed very prevalent, and smart life is relatively rare. 

I believe that computer viruses should be considered to be forms of life. I believe that the fact that the sole type of life we have so far produced is wholly destructive speaks volumes about human behavior.

My aim is to fully comprehend the multiverse, why it is the way it is, and why it even exists. 

Even those who believe that everything is predetermined and that there is nothing we can do to change it still make sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

Even though I am unable to move and must speak through some kind of desktop, I am free throughout my brain.

Nothing is perfect, which is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Simply put, achievement doesn’t arise. Without flaws, you nor I would be here.

Religion, which is founded on leadership, and biology, which is founded on inspection and reason, differ fundamentally from one another. Since science is successful 

The cosmos does not permit perfection.

Being famous has its drawbacks, including the inability to travel without being recognized. I need more than just a wig and a pair of dark sunglasses. My wheelchair is a dead giveaway.

I don’t fear death, but I’m also not eager to pass away.

Where will be the upcoming tourists if space travel is possible?

God not only plays dice, but he also occasionally throws them in plain sight.

You need to believe in an Ultimate Power in order to comprehend the wonders of the universe.

Those who brag about their intelligence are losers.

Unless we colonize other planets, I don’t believe that humanity will endure for the next thousand years. 

It makes a difference if you simply persist. 

The problem with intelligent guys is that they appear insane to those with less intelligence. 

To focus only on earthly issues would be to stifle the human spirit.

For those who are scared of the dark, I see the afterlife as a fairy tale. 

If aliens ever come to Earth, I predict that things will turn out much as they did when Christopher Columbus first arrived in America, which wasn’t very good for the Native Americans. 

We only need to look in the mirror to understand how smart life could evolve into something we don’t want to encounter.

Until one genuinely has the solution, a problem is never fully solved.

Ten dimensions might seem intriguing, but if you lose track of where you decided to park your car, they could become very problematic.

There is nothing better than reading and expanding your expertise.

Though their sizes are limited, time and space lack any borders or edges. They would have two additional dimensions in addition to the Earth’s surface.

Stephen Hawking Quotes

I enjoy cartoons more than physics. 

Public scrutiny is the best environment for government to function. Abuse occurs without such scrutiny. 

It is unclear whether intelligence has any survival value over the long term. 

Due to the inherent guilt in humans, it is easy for them to assign themselves the blame. 

A naked singularity offends God. 

Simpleness is a personal preference. 

The difference between the past and the future, or the increase in electron density, gives time a direction. 

Particularly near the end, eternity seems to drag on forever. 

Each of us only has a brief existence, and during that brief period, we only fully explore a small portion of the universe. 

I think of the nervous system as a computer that will malfunction and cease to function. Broken computer systems have no heaven or afterlife; that is a myth for those who are afraid of the dark.

Time (or whatever it may be) alone will tell.

We run the risk of destroying ourselves due to our stupidity and greed. On a tiny, overpopulated, increasingly contaminated planet, we cannot continue to focus only on ourselves.

The govt is better at hiding alien knowledge than they are anywhere else if that is what they are doing.

The way the universe operates defies our expectations. It never ceases to astound us. 

The entire evolution of physics has consisted of the gradual understanding that things do not simply happen as they do but rather reflect a fundamental order that could or could not be created by God.

Stephen Hawking Quotes

If you are constantly upset or complaining, folks will not have time for you.

You have misled us with your information. Actually, the globe is a flat plate resting on a huge tortoise’s back.

Antiparticles may be used to create entire antiworlds and antipeople. Don’t shake hands with your antiself, though! Both of you would disappear in a stunning flash of light.

Women. I have no idea who they are.

There is always a task you can accomplish and prosper at, no matter how bad life may seem. Hope exists wherever there is life.

What did Jesus do prior to the universe’s creation?

It would be similar to thinking that God placed fossils in the rocks to deceive Dawkins about the development of life if we did not see this web of dichotomies as a sign that we’re on the right path.

Beyond providing the seasonal average, there is no way for us to predict whether it is six months in advance.

Even though gravity is the least effective of the four types of forces, it is what shapes the known universe’s massive building.

The observable universe is one million million million million miles in size (1 with 24 zeros after it).

Being psychologically disabled is unaffordable for someone who is physically disabled.

The future cannot be predicted.

Speaking has been the key to humankind’s greatest successes and its biggest failures.

Each person only lasts a short while, and during that time, they only fully explore a small portion of the universe.

What brings us here? What is our origin? These are traditionally philosophical questions, but philosophy is no longer relevant.

Human achievement should have no boundaries. Despite how difficult life may seem, there is hope as long as there is life.

The individuals who advance quantum theory do not think in the categories later created for them by philosophers and science scholars.

There is no such as a free lunch, so the saying goes. The ultimate free lunch, however, is the world-.

We now understand that our cosmos is just one of roughly 100,000,000,000 that can be observed with modern observatories, with each galaxy containing 100,000,000,000 stars.

There is no immediate cause for concern because it will take roughly a billion million million million decades for the ground to collide with the sun.

Even those who use quantum mechanics in calculations do not fully comprehend or appreciate it, despite the fact that quantum theory has been here for nearly 70 years. 

Since every tip has an unlimited quantity of stars on either side of it, every position can be thought of as the center of a vast universe. 

It is difficult to comprehend how free will can function if physical law governs our behavior; it appears that we are nothing more than biological robots and that unrestricted will is merely an illusion. 

Science is a follower of love stories and enthusiasm as well as of reason.

Stephen Hawking Quotes

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