A Speech on “Student Should Be Required to Learn at Least One Foreign Language.”

At this modern time, only the mother language is not nearly enough for a person to become successful in their life. That’s an important reason for why an increasing number of people are eager to learn one or two new languages. In these days of globalization, all borders of our world become blurred because of the interpenetration of many cultures and languages.

Therefore the knowledge of at least one foreign language is really very important for all of us. But it is easy being said than done. The process to continue learning a foreign language strong motivation is needed. Also one will not be able to make any important decision about the learning process without knowing about the benefits of this desire. As for the chances, many online platforms provide German, Spanish or many other language tuition classes as per your choice. There are many benefits which we can enjoy by learning at least anyone foreign language in our life.  Some of those benefits can be,

The knowledge of a foreign language can always be helpful to find a handsomely paid job and gives us the special opportunity to work abroad or in an international company.

The feeling of knowing the language of a country can give a sense of more comfort in abroad; one can travel with pleasure and easily communicate with the people of that area.

The special ability to know another language can open a greater access to much information, mainly on the Internet.

This ability also contributes to making the communication process complete – one can read books many well-known books in the original version, watch many movies without translation, and also can better understand the lyrics of a song. More than a half people of this modern world are able to. Languages have their alternate use in ordinary life. A bilingual person doesn’t just know another language but they have very good ability to have equally good command over both the mother and foreign tongues simultaneously.

According to many statistics, the bilingual people are very intelligent. A bilingual person has the special ability to maintain the fluency of both languages at the same time. Meaning that he is equally able to concentrate and communicate with the two different languages at once. Those people know how to concentrate properly rarely makes any mistakes and accomplishes their goals more often than the other people. Those people are very observant, ingenious, and always very resourceful.

 The ability to study a foreign language also provides proper training for memory. The higher rate of this practice, the better a person can speaks any language, the higher is his resistance to such problems and disease of older people such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Possessing the power to speak in two languages, people can maintain better social relations. They can combine the positive aspects of two different nations. In this way, the communication and contacting skills of the bilingual people are more advanced and enhanced. Bilingual people can feel far better about the human emotions due to their vast knowledge regarding many languages. At the same time, these people also have the ability to understand and control their own feelings and emotions.

Studying a foreign language can offer a person unmatched advantages. Therefore I think that, every student should be required to learn at least one foreign language in their life.

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