Cyberbullies Should Be Suspended from School- Speech

We can all agree that cyberbullying is a huge problem that many students are facing these days. The solution to it might not be so easy to put to an end, but at least through hard and strict punishments, it can be controlled. With the fast-growing digital world, students are getting so much addicted to the phone and laptop screens, causing even more horrific complications by poking and bullying each other using nameless profiles and posts.

This gives students an open audience to bully and get bullied in and outside the school premises. 

A long time back it was hard to step into these off-school bullying matters directly and take action against it. Nowadays, the laws have been more strict, letting the school authorities take action against these cyberbullies as it has become a necessity.

Some schools used to slip away by saying it is outside their jurisdiction and it is the parents who need to take steps to punish, but the source of one child getting bullied while being a student or even after leaving is always from the school.

So, the school authorities are more authorized to take severe actions like suspending or expelling if needed. Further punishments can also be given by the parents as it is one’s personal decision as a parent. 

The cost of ignoring or failing to prevent such cyberbullying could be massive. Students who go through such bullying could display increased levels of anger, depression, anxiety, and even emotional distress. The victims might reveal drastic health changes and poor academic performances. This might even lead to horrific incidents like hurting others or themselves, or even suicides. 

Children who become internet bullies are the ones who generally have difficulties communicating with others or letting out aggression. They have high self-esteem and usually show dominant nature over others, and believe bullying the ones who can’t defend themself would make them the star attraction of the school. These kinds of children are more likely to fall into other anti-social behaviors like dropping out, fighting, and drugs.

Both ways, any kind of bullying should be unacceptable and be a punishable offense. Schools should make it a must that they add cyberbullying into their code of conduct. Parents also must keep an eye on their children. They must learn to identify the warning signs that their child shows, whether they are the victimizer or the victim.

Cyberbullies tend to be so secretive; common traits of a victimizer include frequent use of computers and phones, especially at night, and loud bursts of laughter. Similarly, the victims show strong signs of stress and anger and spend most of the time alone, probably crying. 

Cyberbullying is a huge crime; if the parents and the school authorities take enough action right from the developing stage could do wonders, it might even help many children from falling into the darkness of life or the end of it.

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