A Speech on “Students Should Be Allowed to Have Cell Phones in School.”

Cells phones are one of the most important requirements of the students of this modern age. Students are always eager to carry their cell phones in schools. However, in maximum number of the schools, cell phones are strictly banned and are not allowed, no matter what. Students that carry their cell phones with them to such schools have to face the heavy fine and punishment also.

Such schools administrative officials will claim that cell phone will cause various disciplinary issues and other problems in the educational institute. While in my opinion cell phones should always be allowed in the colleges and schools. Cell phones help students in many ways like improving their communication, learning, and citizenship behavior.

Mobile phone should be allowed in many of the schools for the case of urgent need or serious emergency. Students in the school in many cases go to school and back home on their own by the help of public transportation. In their way they could face many problems regarding the transport that can put them to face some security issues. In those situations, they need cell phones to contact their parents and relatives for help. But without a cell phone, they will not be able to contact their parents or others who can help them in the case of emergency.

Mobile phone should always be allowed in all schools as it can be also useful while used in the educational process. By using mobile phones, the students can take pictures of many essential notes and points while reading in the library. 

 By allowing the use of cell phone the teachers can take control over the promotion of various negative responses and attitude. Mobile phone use at the school premises and also while learning can teach the children about many digital responsibilities and citizenship. Students are able to learn their moral and social responsibilities while using the new technologies. The proper use of cell phone also improves the communication skills of the students that can help them in developing positive behavior.

Cell phones are capable to help the students to be more organized. Through the proper use of the cell phones students can always develop their plans in calendars. They can also set alarms to follow the proper timetable towards leisure and study time.

Cell phone can help the students to save money. Students can download many free books and study related contents and material free of cost form the internet by the help of the mobile phone that all time saves the money to purchase those costly reference books from the market.

To conclude I want to say that, the cell phone is basically an important requirement of today’s world. The above mentioned arguments show the manifold importance of cell phone for the college and school going students. According to those, we can say that the farfetched benefits of using the cell phones are more visible than the disadvantages. Therefore the cell phones should always be allowed in the schools and colleges. 

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