111+ Technology Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Presumably, technology is an imperative piece of our life nowadays. In this way, adding any significant piece of data counts. We as a whole need to learn minute details on various tech subjects. Also, tech people will adore understanding this!

However, non-tech people will also appreciate and pick up from it. Along these lines, this post is fundamentally for all who wish to accumulate further experience in technology.

Technology Quotes by World-Famous Personalities

  • A lot of organizations have decided to scale back, and possibly that was the proper thing for them. We picked an alternate way. Our conviction was that on the off chance that we continued placing extraordinary items before clients, they would keep on opening their wallets — Steve Jobs 
  • The most mechanically effective machine that man has ever created is the book – Northrop Frye 
  • One machine can take every necessary step of fifty common men. No machine can take the necessary steps of one exceptional man – Elbert Hubbard 
  • Because something doesn’t do what you arranged it to do doesn’t mean it’s futile – Thomas Edison 
  • Innovation made huge populaces conceivable; huge populaces presently make innovation irreplaceable – Joseph Wood Krutch 

  • The typing machine, when played with articulation, is not any more irritating than the piano when played by a sister or close to connection – Oscar Wilde 

  • The primary principle of any innovation utilized in a business is that mechanization applied to a productive activity will amplify proficiency. The second is that robotization applied to a wasteful activity will amplify the wastefulness – Bill Gates 

  • Innovation is only an instrument. Regarding getting the children to cooperate and inspiring them, the educator is the most significant – Bill Gates 

  • The world is altogether different at this point. For man holds in his human hands the ability to annul all types of human neediness, and all types of human life – John F. Kennedy 

  • The machine doesn’t separate man from the extraordinary issues of nature however dives him all the more profoundly into them – Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

  • Mechanical advancement has only given us increasingly proficient methods for going in reverse – Aldous Huxley 

  • I simply concoct, at that point, hold up until man comes around to requiring what I’ve imagined – R. Buckminster Fuller. 

  • Globalization, as characterized by rich individuals like us, is a pleasant thing… you are discussing the Internet, and phones; you are discussing PCs. This doesn’t influence 66% of the individuals of the world – Jimmy Carter. 

  • Innovation gives us power. However, it doesn’t and can’t reveal to us how to utilize that force. Because of innovation, we can immediately impart over the world; however, it, despite everything, doesn’t enable us to recognize what to state – Jonathan Sacks. 

  • If we keep building up our innovation without astuteness or reasonability, our workers may become our killers – Omar N. Bradley. 

  • Innovation is best when it unites individuals – Matt Mullenweg. 

  • If people in the future are to recall us more with appreciation than distress, we should accomplish something other than the wonders of innovation. We should likewise leave them a look at the world as it was made, not similarly as it looked when we traversed with it – Lyndon B. Johnson. 
  • When they turn out badly, machines remind you how incredible they are – Clive James. 

  • It is anything but confidence in innovation. It’s confidence in individuals – Steve Jobs. 

  • The main advantage of data innovation is that it engages individuals to would what they like to do. It leaves individuals alone and inventive. It leaves individuals alone profitable. It lets individuals learn things they didn’t figure they could learn previously, thus one might say it is about potential – Steve Ballmer 

  • Innovation development depends on making it fit in with the goal that you don’t generally even notify it, so it’s a piece of regular day-to-day existence – Bill Gates. 

  • Never trust a PC you can’t toss out a window — Steve Wozniak 

  • Innovation is such a lot of fun. However, we can suffocate in our innovation. The haze of data can drive out information – Daniel J. Boorstin. 

  • The arrangement of nature, of which man is a section, will generally act naturally, adjusting, self-modifying, and self-purging. Not so with innovation – E. F. Schumacher 

  • Mechanical society has prevailed with regards to increasing the open doors for delight, yet it has incredible trouble in producing euphoria – Pope Paul VI 

  • Innovation is such a wide term; it truly applies to many things, from the electric light to running autos on oil. These various things can be called innovation. I sort of an adoration loathe association with it, as I expect many people to do. With the PC, I spend such a significant number of hours sitting before a PC – Jeff Bridges. 

  • Innovation is an endowment of God. After the endowment of life, it is maybe the best of God’s blessings. It is the mother of civic establishments, of expressions, and of sciences – Freeman Dyson 

  • When they turn out badly, machines remind you how ground-breaking they are – Clive James. 

  • Innovation is the skill of so organizing the world that we don’t need to encounter it – Max Frisch 

  • Innovation must be concocted or received – Jared Diamond. 

  • Innovation should make our lives simpler, permitting us to do things all the more rapidly and proficiently. Be that as it may, over and over again it appears to make things harder, leaving us with fifty-button remote controls, computerized cameras with many puzzling highlights and book-length manuals, and autos with dashboard frameworks deserving of the space transport – James Surowiecki

  • Initially, how would we give everybody a reasonable took a shot at circumstance and security right now? Second, how would we make innovation work for us and not against us – particularly with regard to settling dire difficulties like environmental change? – Barack Obama 

  • The profoundly practical framework that encompasses us, especially in the West, is a blessing from our predecessors: the similarly uncorrupt political and financial frameworks, the innovation, the riches, the life expectancy, the opportunity, the extravagance, and the chance – Jordan Peterson 

  • We live in a general public wonderfully reliant on science and innovation, in which barely anybody knows anything about science and innovation – Carl Sagan 

  • I’m attempting my best to stay aware of this new innovation, and I encircle myself with all these magnificent individuals that are up to date and sort of assist me with trip with all that – Dolly Parton 

  • I believe it’s brought the world significantly closer together, and will keep on doing that. There are drawbacks to everything; there are unintended results to everything. The most destructive bit of innovation that I’ve at any point seen is called TV – yet at that point, once more, TV, at its best, is grand – Steve Jobs 

  • At the point when somebody takes their current business and attempts to change it into something different – they come up short. In innovation that is regularly the situation. Take a gander at Kodak: it was the predominant imaging organization on the planet. They did breathtakingly during the incredible misery, yet then cleared out the investors due to mechanical change – Charlie Munger 

  • We, as of now have – because of innovation, improvement, abilities, and the productivity of our work – enough assets to fulfill every single human need. Be that as it may, we need more assets, and we are improbable ever to have, to fulfill human covetousness – Zygmunt Bauman 

  • There is an enormous need and a gigantic chance to get everybody on the planet associated, to give everybody a voice, and to help change society for what’s to come. The size of the innovation and foundation that must be manufactured is uncommon, and we accept this is the most significant issue we can concentrate on – Mark Zuckerberg 

  • When you have an advancement culture, even the individuals who are not researchers or designers – artists, entertainers, columnists – they, as networks, grasp the significance of what it is to be experimentally educated. They grasp the idea of an advanced culture. They vote in manners that advance it. They don’t battle science and they don’t battle innovation – Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • The exceptionally useful foundation that encompasses us, especially in the West, is a blessing from our predecessors: the relatively uncorrupt political and monetary frameworks, the innovation, the riches, the life expectancy, the opportunity, the extravagance, and the chance – Jordan Peterson 

  • I never thought, in my lifetime, that you’d have the option to watch motion pictures, read books and tune in to music from a telephone; however, I surmise the innovation of tomorrow is here today – Dolly Parton 

  • We have additionally orchestrated things with the goal that nobody gets science and innovation. This is a remedy for fiasco. We may pull off it for some time, yet at some point or another, this flammable blend of numbness and force is going to backfire – Carl Sagan 

  • More individuals stare at the TV and get their data on that path than reading books. I find new innovation and better approaches for correspondence energizing and might want to accomplish more right now Stephen Covey. 

  • There is a distinction between what innovation empowers and what authentic strategic policies empower – Bill Gates 

  • On the off chance that people in the future are to recall us more with appreciation than distress, we should accomplish something other than the wonders of innovation. We should likewise leave them a look at the world as it was made, not similarly as it looked when we overcame it – Lyndon B. Johnson 

  • I comprehend Twitter has gotten mainstream among government officials. This innovation permits them to remain in never-ending contact with their constituents. The electorate currently has moment data about what lawmakers have been doing – P. J. O’Rourke 

  • I am stunned at the marvels of innovation and am thankful for the manners by which we can utilize it to share the Gospel around the globe – Billy Graham 

  • The world has today 546 atomic plants producing power. Their experience is, as a rule, constantly inquired about, and criticism ought to be given to all. Atomic researchers need to interface with the individuals of the country, and scholastic foundations ceaselessly update atomic force age innovation and wellbeing – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 

  • For what reason would we say we are, as a country, so fixated on outside things? Is it a heritage of our frontier years? We need outside TVs. We need remote shirts. Why is this fixation on everything imported? – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 

  • I think the cutting-edge industry is accustomed to growing new things rapidly. It’s the Silicon Valley method for working together: You either move rapidly and you make a solid effort to improve your item innovation, or you get decimated by some other organization – Elon Musk 

  • It is unquestionably evident that the key empowering innovation for electric autos is lithium-particle as a phone science innovation. Without that, I don’t believe it’s conceivable to make an electric vehicle that is serious with a gas vehicle – Elon Musk

  • The way to make things reasonable is structure and innovation upgrades, just as scale – Elon Musk. 

  • There’s no better spot on the planet for innovative new businesses than Silicon Valley; there’s such a mind-boggling great of ability, capital, and assets. The entire framework is set up to encourage the formation of new organizations – Elon Musk 

  • Innovation scares me to death. Specialists structure it to intrigue different designers. What’s more, they generally accompany guidance booklets that are composed by engineers for different architects — which is the reason no innovation ever works – John Cleese 

  • Television and the Internet are acceptable because they shield blockheads from investing a lot of energy out in the open – Douglas Coupland. 

  • This is the general purpose of innovation. It creates a hunger for eternality from one perspective. It undermines widespread annihilation on the other. Innovation is desire expelled from nature – Don DeLillo 

  • The best accomplishment of humankind isn’t its masterpieces, science, or innovation, yet the acknowledgment of its own brokenness – Eckhart Tolle 

  • Specialized apparatuses don’t get socially fascinating until they get mechanically
    exhausting – Clay Shirky 

  • China is an incredible assembling focus, yet it’s a very get-together plant. So it amasses parts and segments, high innovation that originates from the encompassing modern – further developed mechanical focuses – Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Europe – and it essentially gathers them – Noam Chomsky 

  • With any coming in innovation, any mechanical advancement, there is the acceptable and the terrible – Henry Rollins 

  • Indeed, even with all our innovation and the creations that make present-day life such a great amount of simpler than it used to be, all that’s needed is one major catastrophic event to wipe such away and advise us that, here on Earth, we’re still helpless before nature – Neil deGrasse Tyson 

  • Developments in science and innovation are the motors of the 21st-century economy; if you care about the riches and well-being of your country tomorrow, at that point, you would do well to reevaluate how you designate duties to support science. The government spending needs to perceive this – Neil deGrasse Tyson 

  • Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, interests in science and innovation have ended up being dependable motors of monetary development. If homegrown enthusiasm for those fields isn’t recovered soon, the agreeable way of life to which Americans have become acclimated will attract to a fast close – Neil deGrasse Tyson. 
technology quotes
  • I don’t feel that this idea of troublesome innovation is the answer for everyone. Yet, I believe it’s significant for trend-setters to comprehend what we’ve learned about built-up organizations’ inspiration to target clear, productive markets – and their failure to discover developing ones. The proof is simply overpowering – Clayton M. Christensen. 

  • The slip-up that makes propelling an endeavor costly is the point at which you attempt to cause a problematic innovation so great that it can contend on a quality premise with a built-up item – Clayton M. Christensen. 

  • PCs are still innovative since we are grappling with it: it’s despite everything being imagined; we’re despite everything attempting to turn out how it functions. There’s a universe of game collaboration to come that you or I wouldn’t perceive. It’s the ideal opportunity for the machines to vanish. The PC must vanish into everything we use – Douglas Adams.

  • If women utilize innovation and medication to have youngsters or not to have kids or to have more advantageous kids, that is certain. However, if it’s utilized to state, ‘You’re not a real woman except if you have a youngster; in this manner, take all these risky hormones and have one at 54,’ at that point, it’s another story – Gloria Steinem 

  • The main motivation behind why I began composing is I felt that fiction had quit developing. Every other amusement was showing signs of improvement, continually, as innovation permitted. Films. Computer games. Music – Chuck Palahniuk 

  • For the most part, individuals consider innovation a spike to begin new organizations. Be that as it may, the Internet has additionally made it workable for more organizations to seek any given a chance – Andrew Yang 

  • Personal charges are poor at creating pay from computerization because the additions are acknowledged by innovation organizations that are specialists at not covering charges – Andrew Yang 

  • Most Americans concur that innovation will take out a lot greater number of employments than it will make – Andrew Yang. 

  • I’m focused on expanding long haul an incentive for investors and am certain we will keep on doing as such through the fruitful execution of our center’s vital needs: the formation of high caliber, marked substance and encounters, the utilization of innovation, and making development in various and energizing worldwide markets – Bob Iger. 

  • We people are a critical sign of the replication bomb since it is through us – through our minds, our emblematic culture, and our innovation – that the blast may continue to the following stage and resound through profound space – Richard Dawkins. 

Status on technology and innovation

  • I perfectly understand what’s in the mind of a techie. 

  • Techies like me have a different vision of this entire world. 

  • I swear by cellphones or laptops for anything under the sky. 

  • For me, programming language is the best kind of language. 

  • learning ways to understand the language of technology. 

  • Being tech-savvy solves so many complications. 

  • My laptop is my closest companion and it doesn’t judge my thoughts. 

  • Internet is my counselor and advisor. 

  • Viewing websites with quirky designs and loving them. 

  • I am a self-proclaimed technology geek. 
  • Sometimes my brain runs faster than a supercomputer. 

  • Just wish I could invent technology for solving complex emotions. 

  • I love changing the wallpapers of my laptop and cellphone. 

  • Trying to understand the frequency of notifications. 

  • My life is all about waiting for notifications.

  • My feelings for pop-up messages cannot be expressed in words.
  • As a tech nerd, I love reading online books. 

  • Who wants to go outdoors when we have so many online games?

  • I want a cellphone with space as big as the universe. 

  • Super perplexed at how the meaning of Cloud has changed..

  • There is going to be a blast in the party of technology. 
  • My love for smartphones cannot be explained in words. 

  • My tab is my personal diary and my secret scare. 

  • Pondering over the fact that nowadays, everything is just one click away. 

  • My cellphone has earned a soft corner of my heart. 

  • I love decorating my laptop with stickers. 

  • Who wants to travel the world when technology is bringing the world to us? 

  • Wishing upon a star to make me a Tech Fairy.

Information Technology Status And Whatsapp status

  • In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s important to keep learning and adapting.

  • The power of technology lies not in its ability to do things, but in its ability to change the world.

  • The Internet is not just a network of computers, but a network of people.

  • Code is the language of the future, and every programmer is a poet.

  • The internet is a global library, and everyone has a membership card.

  • Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy. – Joseph Campbell

  • Information technology and computers have revolutionized the way we live and work.

  • Technology is the art of solving problems we didn’t even know we had.

  • In the digital age, data is the new oil, and privacy is the new currency.

  • Technology has made it possible to create things we never thought possible and connect with people we never thought we would meet.
Technology Status
  • I still remember the thrill of purchasing my first PC. 

  • Born with the soul of a techie, I am always surfing. 

  • Internet results are so satisfying, especially when you are an inquisitive soul. 

  • Artificial Intelligence can never surpass human intelligence. 

  • Thanks to technology, I am always well connected with my close ones. 

  • As a tech nerd, I spend time devouring articles online. 

  • As a tech geek, I swoon over binaries.

  • I love learning new IT buzzwords every day. 

  • The Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is my new tech crush. 
  • Imagining a life without smartphone apps is so difficult. 
  • My Heartiest thanks to all the smartphone applications for making my life easier. 

  • My laptop is my go-to buddy in times of need. 

  • Sometimes it’s so difficult to submit the captcha to prove I am not an automaton. 

  • Wow, only the internet feels I am a robot. 

  • Extended Reality (XR) is the reality very close to my techie’s heart. 

  • Do you know what’s more beautiful than reality? Virtual Reality (VR)

  • I am thrilled by the concept of quantum computing.

  • All my life just wanted a treehouse with strong Wifi and a cute mini laptop.

  • My tab is the storage of my heart; it knows the songs I love and my dream destination too. 

  • A tech geek, I crush on concepts like Artificial intelligence. 

  • Augmented Reality (AG) is a reality very close to my heart. 

  • As a child, I once opened a computer to see its brain.

  • I have both courage and I am a geek, so I love Data Security.

  • Online payments are so hassle-free that there is barely any cash in my pocket nowadays. 
  • I am exploring the deeps of the internet; it seems it is unfathomable. 

  • As a child, I was always drawn to software. 

  • I wish I, too, had an antivirus in my body’s system. 

  • Big Data is stalking us all the time. 

  • I wish I could detect threats just like my antivirus in real life. 

  • Once you know how to use the latest technology, you have won half of your battles. 
  • I wish I could clear the cache in my mind just like I do it on my smartphone.

  • Technology never fails to pep up my moods. 

  • I loathe websites that collect cookies; I feel suspicious.

  • Applications with personalized playlists are my favorite. 

  • I am addicted to technology; I am dependent on it. 

  • My search for absolute happiness ends in online searches. 
Technology Status

Status on technology and innovation

Technology has progressed thoroughly, and new innovative gadgets are coming up on the market daily. Thus, we have come up with Status on technology and innovation. 

  • I have a comprehensive comprehension of the thoughts that are going through the head of a techie.

  • People with my level of technical expertise see the whole of this planet quite differently.

  • When it comes to everything under the sun, I never leave home without my mobile phone or laptop.

  • In my opinion, the most helpful kind of language is one that is used for programming.

  • Acquiring the skills necessary to comprehend the vocabulary of technological advancements.

Technology phrases

Technology has seen very adverse improvements in recent years. Here are some technology phrases for all tech lovers. 

  • The ability to use technology effectively may resolve a lot of issues.

  • My laptop is my closest buddy because, unlike other people, it does not evaluate the content of my ideas.

  • The Internet functions as both a counselor and a consultant for me.

  • Seeing websites with unique and exciting designs and finding that I adore them.

  • I like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd when it comes to technology.

Technology Status for students

Engineering students are well engrossed by technology. Some of the best technology Status for students might be inspirational. 

  • There are moments when my mind can function more quickly than the most powerful supercomputer.

  • I have this nagging hope that I could develop a device to simplify all these feelings.

  • Changing the background image on my laptop and mobile phone is one of my favorite things to do.

  • Trying to get a better understanding of how often alerts are sent out.

  • My existence consists entirely of sitting around and watching for new signals.

Artificial intelligence inspirational Status

Today, artificial intelligence has won over the whole world with its intricacy. Here are some of the best artificial intelligence inspirational Status for you.

  • I can’t convey how I feel about pop-up messages adequately via words.

  • Reading online books is one of my favorite things to do since I’m a total geek.

  • Who among us would want to enjoy the fresh air when there are so many exciting things to do online?

  • My ideal mobile device would have a storage capacity comparable to that of the cosmos.

  • Extremely confused by the manner in which the original connotation of Cloud has been altered.

Famous Status about technology

It cannot be denied that our lives revolve around technology. Some of the best famous Status about technology inspire and motivate you.

  • At the celebration celebrating technology, there is going to be a great time had by everybody.

  • My passion for cell phones is indescribable; there are no words to describe it adequately.

  • My tab serves as both my private journal and my place to vent my deepest, darkest fears.

  • Considering that anything can be obtained at the push of a button in today’s world.

  • My mobile phone has worked its way into my heart and now occupies a special place there.

Trending Whatsapp Status Technology

  • I wonder what kind of people doesn’t like technology. 

  • People are following fashion trends, and I am zealously following tech trends. 

  • As a techie, I have based my life on technology.

  • I wish I could eat data as my breakfast. 

  • My smartphone sometimes makes me feel like I am a dimwit. 

  • Measuring my happiness through search engine results. 

  • I wish I could escape the jaws of technology sometimes. 

  • Taking online quizzes to find out if I am a fit for pursuing technology as a career.

  • There is perhaps not a single topic that is not available online.  

  • The Internet is a confident student with an Ask me anything attitude. 
  • Basking in the light of technology, I feel illuminated.

  • My life is saved in my smartphone as pictures. 

  • I love my laptop because it is my safe abode and storage of my scattered thoughts.

  • I wish I could upgrade myself like my system. 

  • Why can’t human beings uninstall their worries as we can on our smartphones?

  • Technology is striding, and I must catch up with it as a tech-Savvy guy. 
  • The latest technology sometimes seems like a fairy tale.

  • A techie knows the value of memory. 

  • I am drifting away from reality and falling into an online pit, perhaps. 

  • Even my parents are getting hooked on smartphones. 

  • Today’s technological advent makes me believe in flying cars. 

  • Only a tech-geek remembers the ice-cream sandwich and Jellybeans. 

  • Wishing for a technology that will end world poverty.

  • Magic exists; don’t you think the smartphone is magically actualized? 

  • I feel like getting lost in the forest of the World Wide Web. 
Technology Status

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