38+ Best Thank You Messages for Fundraisers

Charity is a noble cause. But it is impossible to undertake without proper financial help. Fundraising plays a huge role in arranging the money required to carry out a project of social welfare.

Thank You Messages for Fundraisers

  • This message is to thank you for your generous contribution to our cause for the people of Afghanistan. I would like to join the indigenous people of the country to say ‘shuker’ to you as a word of thanks for your gift.
  • We are extremely grateful to you for the recent gift you have provided to support us.
  • I was extremely delighted to open my mailbox today as I found the gift you had sent us first thing in the morning. I will never be able to express how happy it had made me. I promise to deliver better and make more advancements to reach our goal.
  • I was counting my blessings and thanking the lord as soon as I received your generous gift to us.
  • Projects like these are never completed without the active participation of generous and whole hearted philanthropists like you. This project will always owe its completion to you.

_It was very generous of you to renew your contributions for this noble cause. We will keep updating you with reports about how we plan to spend this amount you have gifted us.

_We have just received your donations. We will start working on our mission to provide safe drinking water to the Sub-Saharan African countries very soon and keep you updated about our donations. 

_This publicly funded hospital is still running and providing free medical treatment to thousands only because of the constant love and support of kind souls like who. Please accept the whole hearted gratitude of the entire organisation for your stream of donations.

_None of us from the NGO could believe that you had included it in your will. This was a very emotional and proud moment for the entire team. I will not be able to express how grateful we have been since we have learnt of this in mere words. You were, you are and you will always be a true father figure for the organisation. Your efforts will not go unrewarded by the Lord and we pray that you get back many times of what you give to the poor and helpless.

_This year we won the Nobel Peace Prize along with many other awards and accolades. The organisation believe that this achievement would not have been possible without your never-ending support and enthusiastic participation. We would like to share this prize with you and thank you for your immense help.

_You have been extremely kind and generous to our cause and we owe whatever little we have achieved in our field to you. Without your hearty donations and valuable advices, we would have been nowhere near our present success.

_The northern part of Canada is inhabited by the Inuit people who have more than a thousand words for snow in their language. I wish we had so many words for the word thanks so that I could use each and every one of them for you to express my gratitude for being so compassionate towards our cause.

_Just after I had finished the conversation with you over the phone, my heart was filled with joy and gratitude as you had agreed to provide such a huge sum to us in order to support our institution. I could not help but write this to you to express how happy we all are on learning about this.

_Our organisation looks forward to the active participation of eminent personalities of the society like you to bring about a change in the lives of the destitute people. Without your help and the help of many others like you, we would not have been able to cater to the many people that we do today.

_Not only does your continuous stream of donations support our organisation financially, it also rejuvenates our strength and boosts our morale as we know that people like you are always by our side acting as a steady support.

_Rendering such a huge amount to us in the form of tax-free donations was a great philanthropic endeavour on your part. I am sure that you will definitely get back many times more in terms of goodwill and blessings of the poor. As of now, you have our heartiest gratitude and respect of the highest order.

_Even though we have not received any recent donations from your part, I came to know about the great contributions you have made towards our institution from past records. 

_It is absolutely amazing that you have been a constant support both financially and emotionally for the last twenty-five years. 

_Please accept our warm regards and heartfelt gratitude. You have proven yourself as a great human being by your loyalty.

_As I leave my house to catch the flight for India, I cannot help but write this letter to you as a word of thanks for my side. Your donation will play a huge part in changing the lives of the women in the country for the better.

_As soon as I came to know about the huge sum you were donating to our organisation, you had my heartfelt gratitude and words of thanks. The children who will benefit from the sum will definitely come to know about this and thank you in January once we complete this entire project.

_Your recent donation to our college expresses your faith in our institution and shows that you believe in our cause and have the same ideas about giving back to the society.

_In the face of global decline in world environment quality, your donation to plant more than 500 trees along the coast will come as a great blessing for not only the people of the country but also of the entire world.

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