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Trust is not only a notion of agreement between two parties to keep a subject to themselves but a lot more than that! It is a human emotion and perhaps the most precious one. Here are some of the most trending WhatsApp statuses for you to share with people whom you trust- 

Deep and thoughtful WhatsApp status on Trust 

I really don’t know about others, but I trust a person only based on his/her past performances.

It takes years to build a trustworthy bond, but people these days destroy it at once 

The single most virtuous quality of human beings is trust, and yet it is so hard to find 

Breaking trust is like breaking glass; it leaves a scar from a deep cut in the heart.

I can only trust what I feel like 

You have got to trust me because I have no reasons to fake you

Truth and trust are the biggest turn-ons for people because these are rare 

No punk mate can steal your identity if you are a trusted and truthful guy

If you are qualified to earn trust, make sure you hold the qualities to build the trust stronger 

Nothing can ever beat the happiness of sharing something with a person you trust 

Why is trust so uncommon these days? 

I always believe that all those who trust me have left a lot on my shoulders, and I should act responsibly with their secrets. 

Not every person you meet on the streets can be trusted with your stories 

Trust is when you are broke and still, your partner loves you because she trusts your dreams 

Trust Whatsapp

Are you trustworthy? I definitely need to have people fill up forms before the next time I share any secret with anyone 

When I trust you, I hand over a part of my life in your hands that I chose to share with no one else than you

People break trust so easily these days that it feels like keeping every secret to myself is the best option 

Don’t respect the man but respect the trust he put in you 

You can earn money in a year if you work hard, but you might need an entire life to earn the trust of your people 

Many things happen without reason, but you should not be a reason why someone should feel betrayed 

Earn trust, and money will happen 

Trust earns you a reputation and remembers you live with reputation and not money.

When a person meets you, your quality of being trustworthy is something that attracts him/her the most.

A loyal listener is a dream for many. 

Don’t expect everyone to be worth your trust. There are always rotten tomatoes hidden within the fresh ones. 

The qualities of respect and trust are co-existing and always complement each other. 

It would be so disappointing if I speak my heart out to you, and then you convey it to the world 🙁

I can be your diary. Trust me with this! 

Trust Whatsapp

Emotional WhatsApp status on Trust 

  • I feel that once a person has broken my trust, there is no way I can trust him again

  • Breaking the trust is never an option but a choice still made by many 

  • It all comes down to those few people who belong to your inner trust circle 

  • If I spoke my heart out to you today, I can definitely expect you not to pour it out to the world tomorrow 

  • My heart is wrenched every time I am reminded of the treachery of yours 

  • Break my face but not my trust, please 

  • Don’t trust people who have violated your faith. 

  • The best way to determine whether you can trust someone is to trust them. 

  • Trust begins with the truth and ends with the truth. 

  • Believe in yourself: every heart trembles when trust is violated. 

  • Never be afraid to believe in yourself.

  • Trust but cross-check. 

  • Being trustworthy is a greater compliment than being loved. 

  • It is better to believe in a person who makes mistakes than to believe in a person who never doubts. 

  • If you believe in yourself, you will learn to live. 

  • Bravely believe in love again and again. 

  • You must trust and believe in people. Otherwise, life becomes impossible. 

  • Trust is to be won, and the time will come. 

  • People who are negligent in small matters cannot be trusted with insignificant matters. 

  • Never follow the advice of someone in trouble. 

  • If you respect the trust and honor it, then it will be good. 

  • We are all selfish, and I believe that I am not more unreasonable than others. 

  • When a person sees enough of himself in him, he will trust another person. 

  • Believing in others is good, but it’s not the best option. 

  • The trust of the innocent is the most violated tool for crooks. 

  • People believe that their ears are less than their eyes. 

  • Fear leads to more fear, and faith leads to more confidence. 

  • Keep promises and persevere. Be the kind of person that others can trust. 

  • Believe in dreams because they have hidden doors to eternity.

  • You can always deceive some people, and sometimes you can deceive everyone, but you can’t always deceive everyone. 

  • I would rather believe in female instincts than male minds. 

  • One wrong move and trust will die, but distrust will bloom. 

  • You can’t trust anyone with power. 

  • Sometimes you don’t know who can’t and should not be trusted, but I’m still learning. 

  • It’s great to trust someone so completely. 

  • I don’t trust anyone, including myself. 

  • Persistence is the proper foundation of trust. Either keep your promise, or you don’t believe it. 

  • Trust is the glue of life; it is the most crucial factor in effective communication; this is the basic principle of all relationships. 

  • Trust is like a vase: if you break it, it can be repaired, but the vase will never be the same. 

  • Trust is the result of a relationship in which you know you are loved. 

  • I don’t mind if you lie to me; I don’t mind if I can’t believe you anymore from now on. 

  • It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them. 

  • When you have three trustworthy people in your life, you can call yourself the happiest person in the world. 

  • There is nothing more terrifying than believing in a person, but nothing is more worthwhile. 

  • Be suspicious of those who have a strong need for punishment. 

  • Feelings deceive us from time to time. Don’t wholly believe those who have deceived us once. 

  • There are five main obstacles to every sale: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, and no trust. 

  • I believe in myself. You are not worth my trust. 

  • Not opening up to hope hinders trust, and hindering trust is the cause of the shattered dream. 

  • Faith does not need to push the river because faith can believe that the river is there, flowing, and in it. 

  • Exposing a lie would make me never trust you again. 

  • Don’t let uncertain thoughts ruin some great things. 

  • Time determines who you meet in life, your heart determines who you want to meet in life, and your behavior determines who you want to stay in life.
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