A Speech on Do Video Games Promote Violence?

A very warm welcome to one and all present here. Today, I have taken it upon myself to address you all regarding the various aspects that promote violence. In the light of the recent events it has become a necessity to address these issues at its roots. Violence has become an issue that needs to be eradicated but it has proven that no one nation is able to keep this control.

From organised terrorist activities to random incidents of gun violence, this issue has caught the world in its clutches and is making it harder for each country to ensure safety to its citizens.  When a violent crime occurs and people are trying to make sense out of the chaos, most of them find reasons as to why this happened in the first place. Most people are quick to point fingers at the violence depicted in the video games and use it to answer the questions in their minds.

Video games have been in mainstream entertainment since the 1970’s and yet it wasn’t blamed for violence until lately and keeping this mind I would like to say that I don’t think that video games promote violence. Video games, on the other hand, cause problems in behavioural patterns and even if it may seem like it glorifies gun violence and other forms of violence, studies have shown that criminals don’t get influenced and provoked to use these methods when exposed to video games and rather it is issues like child abuse and sexual abuse that leads these people to take up this extreme method.

Video games acts as an facade that can be blamed for the violent crimes that is happening, because we as a community or we as a society fail to recognise and does not prefer to address the issues like child abuse and sexual abuse because addressing them might bring out some real stories that are bound to make all of us uncomfortable, and we choose to blame it on video games as it is easier for us to blame something that is in the mainstream.

Since video games are already considered to be mainstream there is no need for a real discussion before branding it as the “real reason” behind the increased number of violent crimes in the country whereas the real and actual reasons are hiding in plain sight and pulling them out means addressing the places where we failed as a country.

Even though television and other media also portrays violence, the case of video games is considered to be a more serious problem as it includes role playing and is quite interactive. It is considered to encourage children to express their ideas in violent scenarios and this is believed to pressure children into thinking like a violent person whereas it can be caused by any depiction of violence in television as well. In conclusion, there is no scientific proof regarding how video games promote violence and it is high time that we address the same.

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