A Speech on “Violent Video Games Are Dangerous.”

We all know that the video games are those types of games which we can play on the electronic screens such as mobiles, laptops or computers, TVs and even portable devices like iPods and cell phones. Many of you already know that already aware that games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty were invented and created for the bored people to pass their time happily.

You might have seen that sometimes a very big number of games include some forms of the violence like gun-shooting, fighting, and racist or various types of sexual themes and plots to entertain the children. In the modern times, video games have become extremely popular especially among the children. Those games can be played all over the globe not only in the houses, but also in the other places like, workplaces, and clubs, and unfortunately even in the schools.

Since video games are such a valuable and loving pass time for children of all ages and areas, we can think that they have some special benefits. But in reality those games have many more problems and bad impacts than the goods.

Firstly, the many, were carried out to identify and define the adverse effects of dangerous video games. Boys always enjoy the powerfully aggressive games like a police pursuit of a criminal or a bloody battle,   Video games are very frequently seen as a possible cause to violent actions by many children of our society, 

Recently various types of studies were conducted by the Social Psychological and Personality Science about the issue to find out the truth about if playing of violent video games can really be very dangerous thing for a person. In some of the researchers, it was proved that playing a violent video game notably increases the aggressive mentality or thinking in the player – especially when they think about those violent games. Some experts say that the lingering feeling for aggression can continue as much as 24 hours after playing the violent video game.

Video games very clearly have a very negative impact on the society as well, as many game-addicts will have underdeveloped social skills because of the deficiency of interacting with the persons and things of the real world. Violent video games may induce and produce various violent behaviors in a person, specially a child, like fighting and in some intense cases, killing as well.

Racism and sexism are both the other huge problems created by those violent video games, building up arguments from all over the world. If the video games are the main factor in creating and causing the concerning issues of violence and racism, then it is really a big social issue! When children starts to spend more time in the virtual world, they can start neglecting  the real life social skills and can even start to act like a violent person by inspired from these games.

Therefore we should try our best to reduce this problem as much as we can.

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