A Speech on “What Is Love and What’s Not”

Love is something which cross our mind many times in our life time. But what is love to us? Is it something where we do not have disagreement? Do we think love one will always understand what you are thinking? And what if your thoughts doesn’t match? Will you not call it love? Love is a strong bond between people despite of all faults. But sometime we misjudge love with something .Let’s talk about them.

Have you ever been in a situation when the opposite person doesn’t trust you at all? Always thinking that you are lying or not telling stuffs? Then it’s the time to reconsider you thoughts once more. The foundation of love is the trust between two people. Distrustful relationship can’t work for long. To build a happy relationship 1st we need to build the trust which will give strength to the relationship.

Want to be with your special one all the time? Want to spend more and more time with that person? “Why he/she needs friends when I’m here?” is this question occurs to your mind frequently? Then stop right away. Being in love doesn’t mean to be with each other all the time. Two people have two different identities and that should remain like that. Only two separate independent individuals can build a place where either will feel happy and proud for another. 

It is not love when someone has a tendency to deceit. A dishonest person can never have an honest relationship. Dishonesty can bring a trust issue to the other person. Love is about transparency. It is a place where people can vulnerable and unfiltered. 

It is not love when both of you are competing with other. Love doesn’t have score board about who did what deeds in the relationship. Love is equal for both. It doesn’t count who did the cleaning and who cook the dinner; It’s all about appreciating each other efforts and time.

Love is not about connecting physically. It requires lot more. Love is about the intimacy and the bond where two people can stay miles apart and still be in love with the person. Love finds its way to connect people emotionally and physically.

Love is not holding into past and ruining the present. With love you grow each day. Finding yourself fighting for the fact that happened years ago is when you should realize that you are not in love. 

Love is not all about flower gardens, love can be harsh sometime. Time to time it can face difficulties and in those situations the strength of love is the people who are in love with each other and decide not to give up. Not giving up in a storm is the best way to show your love and prove how much you want to be with each other. But what if the other person decides to leave because of the little tumbling? Then let them go. 

Love will find its way to you.

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