A SPeech on “Should White Supremacist Groups Be Allowed to Hold Rallies in Public Places?

The white supremacy means the white people consider themselves to be the superior ones among all other races, and so they have the right to be dominant over the others. The primary motive is to protect and maintain their system of power, wealth and privilege within themself. The people who have a fair- skin, blonde-hair, blue-eyes or in other ways ‘Aryan’ traits are often considered as the white supremacists and they believed that their enemies are the ones who might be from the African ancestry, Native American ancestry (America and Australia) and also the Jews. 

As for a political benefit, this form of ideology maintains and imposes social, historical, political or institutional domination by the white population. This kind of ideology was put forth during the early 1870s and was carried out for decades.

Still, even after years a very few population still believe in the white supremacy over other races causing a lot of discriminative issues between the people. Yes, it’s not a matter of question that all Americans, including the white supremacist, are granted with constitutional rights to express offensive, unpopular, racist kind of view under the First Amendment; but what it doesn’t do is that it won’t protect any person from saying unpleasant, racist points that come out of their head.

Language does play a vital role in disturbing the peace in a society, this can even spark up a violence.

Rallies in the public by white supremacists makes it easier for the other groups or the government official groups to create violence and make an excuse to rise, even cover up other big issues like the societal issues created by the police and other racism matters. When such rallies lead up to violence made to create political changes or done without any idea can turn into bloodsheds.

Many innocent lives could be lost in this process. Violence and many crimes have been the most serious issue emerging from a white supremacist movement always. More than 54 percent of murders have been carried out in the nation in the past 10 years, which were related to the domestic haters of white supremacists. Murders and other terror plans are less when compared to the other attempt to murders, weapon and explosive violations, assaults and more carried out but such white supremacist people or due to the rallies they conduct out in the public.

The primary ideology behind white supremacist rallies out in the public is to let others know that the white population is in the verge of extinction, because of the rising number of non-white people whom they think are under the control and manipulated by the Jews. So, any kind of gesture or actions like these rallies could help save the white race. White race should be protected, but does it have to be by discriminating against other races or killing them. No, we have to not let any such movements that could tempt the crowd to fight against each other. 

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