A Speech on “Women Make Better Managers than Men.”

A very warm welcome to one and all present here. I would like to start off by thanking everyone who gave me this opportunity to present my views on whether women make better managers than men. Even though men occupy the majority of managerial positions in most of the organisations across the globe, the facts that were derived from multiple studies conducted by various institutions state that women make better managers than men.

Many people have openly admitted that they prefer working for a male boss rather than a female boss because they feel female bosses are hard to work with, but much to their dismay studies have proven that employees working under a female boss show consistent development in their employee job performance. There are various areas of performance where women prove to be better than men as managers.

The main quality that a manager should possess is the ability to listen to their employees. Contrary to popular belief, managers should not just lead the show but should be able to take ideas from their teams and make their ventures a result of collective ideas and efforts. Women are better listeners than men and this helps as a major boost in their managerial qualities.

A good leader is someone who is able to understand the pace of their team and to understand this pace it is important to hold a healthy conversation and have an effective communication chain within the team. Managers should also be able to empathise with their team and women have this quality in abundance in them. To develop a team, it is important for the manager to make sure that their team has the ability to handle stress in a very healthy manner.

Someone coming from a place with mental health issues may not be able to function as well as someone having peace in their minds. So, it becomes really essential to understand and approach each employee with the right set of methods and to make sure that the workload is not weighing down, rather they are driven to work better to achieve their goals. Women managers make better bosses to work under for the exact same reason.

They are able to understand the dynamic nature of the human mind and are able to make changes within their mode of operation to accommodate these changes within individual employees to make them feel better about themselves which will eventually lead to better employee job performance and this will in turn benefit the organisation. It might come to us as a surprise but women have proved to have better analytical abilities and are able to adapt to the fast pace growth of technology which is quite important to remain in the competition in today’s world.

In conclusion, all I would like to say is that, even though women are proving  to be better, they are not given a chance to grow as much as the men are given chances and it is important to overcome this.

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