A Speech on “Support the Wounded Warrior Project”

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a beneficent venture by the veteran’s assistance association that offers an assortment of projects, administrations, and functions for injured veterans of the military. 

Wounded Warrior Project was established in 2003 in Roanoke, Virginia, by John Melia. Melia turned out to be seriously injured in a helicopter crash while serving in Somalia in 1992. Melia gathered backpacks dispersed them to the harmed veterans at the previous Bethesda Naval Hospital (presently the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

At first, this undertaking worked as a division of the United Spinal Association of New York, which received WWP as a program in November 2003. The WWP continued supporting harmed administration individuals by giving them free WWP Backpacks loaded up with comfort things. 

In September 2005, The United Spinal Association allowed $2.7 million to WWP and needed to create it as an independent cause with its own personality and projects with the goal to grow its administrations from giving quick solace things to giving longer-term backing to returning injured veterans by means of pay, schooling, medical services, protection, lodging, business, and so on.

The WWP Backpacks program became a central activity of WWP, evidenced by more than 65,000 backpacks the organization had distributed in early 2018, in support of transitioning U.S. military veterans.

Wounded Warrior Project was incorporated on February 23, 2005. 

Veterans and Military Support Programs are held in this project.

  1. Family Support Programs- The Wounded Warrior Project helps veteran families reconnect through events that encourage family bonding. They provide veterans with room and time to spend time with their loved ones, making the transition from a service member to civilians far easily.
  2. Warriors To Work- Warriors to work is a veteran employment program that connects veterans with employers for job opportunities. Through career counseling, veterans can find work that best suits their skills and allows them to smoothly transition into civilian life.
  3. Mental Wellness

In a  road to mental health, veteran mental health services are a significant staple. Interactive services, recovery retreats, and free mental health therapy are offered by the Wounded Warrior Initiative. Via WWP’s counselling sessions, mental wellbeing issues are adequately handled. 

Hence we all take one step forward to support this great project that is saving lives. This project has given us a chance to help them who have served our nation. We can support this project in various ways. Such as:

  1. Individual support is the most traditional way to support WWP. We must donate to this project as much as we can afford. That’s where the bulk of support comes from, numerous supporters have committed to giving some donation to ensure warriors and families have access to a multitude of free programs to help them thrive. You can also this electronically or by traditional mail. 
  2. Donating your special day can be another method to support. Recently many supporters have begun dedicating their special days to WWP. Whether it’s an anniversary, or honoring a loved one’s memory, there are numerous opportunities to give back to WWP. It’s really an amazing gesture and a great idea to support the project.
  3. Facebook donations can also work. By selecting WWP, Facebook has given an opportunity for donating birthdays to their favorite charitable organizations, respecting warriors.

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