A Speech on “Why Apologizing when You Are Wrong Is a Good Thing to Do?”

“Why should I apologize, if I haven’t done anything wrong?” 

We used to often hear this question a lot from many children and elders around us. Even we would have asked this quite a few times when we were young; maybe still especially at workplaces. Nobody likes to be wrongly accused for something we have never committed, sometimes even made to apologize for it. It is a matter of our blood to boil, when the right is in our side and still, forced to apologize. With all this in mind and hesitation, we just lash out or scream and just make a scene causing much more of a negative atmosphere.

However, it always depends on the time and place for apologizing, even if we are not guilty. Apologizing does not mean accepting the guilt, it is more of accepting the responsibility; this may bring a huge change in certain situations that may get out of hand. There are many reasons why this is always a good deed; for example-

To lose a battle when we can win the war. Take any relationships, family or colleagues, all we wish is to maintain a strong bond that is long lasting. Sometimes there might be few clashes due to different opinions or disputes at home or work; and we literally die trying to make them understand that we are right all the time. So, in rare occasions it is better to let loose and apologize and win the actual war, for example: peace of mind, calm atmosphere etc.

Take one for the betterment of the relationship. We are humans, and naturally we have a habit of assigning the blame over someone else. Especially in cases like the relationship between lovers, to avoid ego and holding on to self-righteousness, it is a mature decision to take a step forward and accept the responsibility. It keeps the relationship healthy as that of each other. If both of them together decide to accept, then, nothing goes wrong ever.

Sometimes take one for the team. This happens a lot inside the workplace or at schools. The best leadership quality is to act wisely in different circumstances; especially when your team makes a situation to put you down, but you have to safeguard them for the time being. This may not be a chance given always, but it is the team’s responsibility to know what the mistake was and change accordingly.

Truly, it is not at all fun to apologize for something we never committed wrongly. Forcing us to apologize, with a heavy heart also does not make things better. With complete hesitation we might blow up, scream or harm someone, even worse than the matter that caused this situation. So, let us just keep away from such horrific turns; instead, open up our mind and with a good heart and peaceful words, sort out the situation with a simple apology and take the responsibility to avoid more destruction.

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