151+ A. E. HOUSMAN Quotes (A Shropshire Lad Poem Author)

Alfred Edward Housman, who is also popularly known as A. E. Housman, was a renowned and very famous classical scholar and poet in English, and he is one who is actually well known quite a more famous one among the general public, especially for his works like he did for his poems in A Shropshire Lad.

He is the one who was born in Bromsgrove, United Kingdom. Some of his famous and most popular works are the Last poems and The letters of A. E. Housman and many others that one should read at least once.

Mentioned below are some of the motivational sayings and quotes stated ever by A. E. Housman. 

A. E. HOUSMAN Quotes and Sayings

  • I would like to say that the loveliest of all the trees, the cherry, which is now actually hung with all that bloom and, along with that, bough too
  • As a writer, I always keep in my mind that whatever I may write should always serve some other purpose for my readers. 
  • Always keep in your mind that great literature is the only one that actually does something good for the reader of it. 
  • The great literature is always the one that actually quickens your perception no matter even if it may be the dull one
A. E. HOUSMAN Quotes
  • I believe that great and amazing literary works are actually those which always some way or the other, sharpen the discrimination of their reader, even if it might be blunt.

  • Always remember that the literature that mellows the actual rawness of the personal opinions of its readers, then such literature or any other literary work, in my view, is always the great one.

  • I feel that it is poetry that actually has a meaning hidden in every line as well as in every word of it. 

  • Always keep in mind that if you ever have the perfect understanding of poetry, then you will definitely be extinguished with pleasure.

  • In my view, not all individuals on this planet earth are capable enough to understand the hidden meaning of poetry.

  • One should always keep in his mind that though the house is originally made up of delusions, you may find it cheaply built, but it is actually drafty to live in it 

  • You should always remember that the house of delusions is only temporary for you to live in. 

  • All that you need is the willingness you can do any as well as everything in your life. 

  • Always keep in mind that there will always be those laws of God and also those laws of man on this planet Earth and then what you actually need is the confidence as well as the willingness in you to achieve whatever you may think of.

  • I am the kind of person who believes that the laws of God, as well as those decree laws of man, should only be limited to them because I don’t like them, or rather, I don let them extend over me. 

  • You should just take the sky as your shoulder, and you should continue with your drink with your ale. 

  • Always know me because I am the man who actually believes that the malt always does better or rather does more than what Milton does for justifying the very Waze as well as the very methods of God to man. 

A. E. HOUSMAN Quotes
  • If you think that Ale is meant for you to drink, then I would like to say that it is only the stuff meant for drinking, mainly for those fellows who it actually hurts to think. 

  • Always keep in mind that the troubles of your pride and anger are the ones that have actually dusted from eternity, and where is I believe they shall not fail as well.

  • One should always keep in mind that a conservative critic is always actually the one who often keeps meddling with criticism every now and then and no matter whether he may be the average man too.

  • I am the kind of person who always feels that Cambridge is just like an asylum in whatever we may think of it.

  • I am the one who cannot always keep defining the poetry even than the terrier who can actually even define the rat. 

  • I feel that no matter who made this world no matter I cannot tell who actually made this world but now, when it is made, I feel it to be not more than a help for myself, and I also feel that I have to survive here in this hell.

  • Where is I know I had never soiled myself with such a deed where my hands, as well as my knuckles, bleed

  • I find myself very different from others because whenever any particular line of any particular poetry ever it strays, or it strikes my memory as well as my mind at that time or at that very moment, my very skin starts bristling so that my razor it actually ceases to act or work properly. 

  • In my opinion, the average man is the one who always keeps meddling with criticism, and I feel that such people are always among those conservative critics.

  • I am the one who has a habit of learning from my experiences. 

  • I would like to say that my experiences have got me into a habit of shaving off my morning in order to keep a perfect watch over my thoughts and ideas because if ever any particular line of poetry strikes my mind, then my skin begins to Bristol whereas my own razor ceases to work in the way it should

  • I still remember the happy highways through which I have gone, but I just keep wondering if I can never go through them again in my life. 

  • I would just like to say that I can see that land which is shining playing as now it is just that land of the lost content.

A E housman Quotes
  • I feel that my thoughts through both of trouble, but at the same time, they were also very steady, which always kept me ready whenever trouble came to me

  • I feel myself to be equivalent to a stranger, and I also always be afraid of this world because it is the world I have never made.

  • I am the kind of person who usually does not choose the right word but rather, I am the one who tends to get rid of all the wrong ones

  • Always keep in mind that keeping a perfect understanding every time cannot be a perfect decision every time.

  • Always remember that one should always lie easy should always dream light, and should always sleep fast because where is I believe this could make you luckier and also can make your night luckier in comparison to your day.  

  • You should always remember that the man has to trade one is to stand up straight there as the other is to lie down flat, I am nothing, and also to be still.

  • Whereas I believe it is always an advisable thing to do, that is, to draw out the meaning of every piece of poetry you may ever come across.

  • You should always know that the tree of the man, the original one, was actually never quite.

  • Where do you believe it or not but usually when you find the writers of the book are actually more interesting than their own books is something which is the opposite in my case, this means that my books are rather more interesting than I am

A. E. HOUSMAN Quotes
  • Always remember that it is only the love and the breath which actually give every man that taste of death.

  • I would like to say that the very heart from out of that bosom was actually never ever given in vain, but I bought them all with plenty of sighs, and then further I sold them all for the endless rue, and here I am now of two and twenty.

  • Always keep in your mind that the old wind with the old danger and that old anger, but then further, it actually threshed the other wood.

  • The halt which happened by the headstone that named the very heart was no longer actually stirred and always kept on stating or saying that those who originally loved you was only the one who always kept their own word. 

A. E. HOUSMAN Quotes

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